Pendemonium is a full time online writing equipment shop owned by Sam and Frank Fiorella

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Updated March 23, 2017

Pendemonium is a full time writing equipment shop owned by Sam and Frank Fiorella. We are one of just a handful of full time writing equipment dealers in the world.

We take pride in offering the very best personalized service we possibly can.

Much of our business is transacted over the internet which some regard as rather impersonal, but we are determined to offer each of our customers service tailored to their needs.

We make every effort to swiftly reply to email inquiries, usually within a few hours.

P.O. Box 4088
Kingman, Arizona 86402


Phone: 928-757-PENS (7367)

News and Updates - **Scroll down to see our latest updates**

Below are new items, upcoming events and other newsworthy things we hope you'll find of interest as a pen aficionado.

NEWS: In stock! Italic Calligraphy for School and Home. Another great book for pen people from Getty and Dubay!

Check out our book page...



Back in the day, all kids 'dreamt' of having a School Box like this one!   It's never too late!

Paraphernalia Page...



NEWS:  Big batch of vintage dip pens with some pretty cool nibs fresh up on the website today!  

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ca. late 1890s - early 1900s  Jacobus Inkwell. 

Nice example of an early American inkwell.

Inkwells - click here....


NEWS: This Monblanc Carrera Four Color Ballpoint pen is 50 years old, but looks like it was made yesterday! 

Desirable, not oft found!

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Sheaffer Pen aficionados - YOU are in the right place!   New additions today!

Click here to check out the new additions!

Far more rare than most Parker vintage fountain pens is this Parker Pen Co.

Lipstick Case with the oval arrow symbol on the front. These rarely turn up and this one is in mint condition.

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This double pen pouch looks nice and it is a steal at only $10

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On the hunt for vintage fountain pen nibs and parts? 

New items added to our offerings today.   


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Limited supplies available of our Map Stationery!

Hand made and each envelope is truly unique!   Includes ink friendly writing paper.

 Check it out today!


NEWS:  It's Cursive Italic Day!

Cursive aisle!

February 22, 2017.  So sorry!  Inky Greetings will not be going out to subscribers on Thursday, February 23.  We're working thru a short backlog from being away for the L.A. Pen Show over the weekend and things will return to Pendemonium-Normal in the next 24 hours or so.

Thanks for your patience. Peruse the website!  Watch for Midnight Madness on Monday!





The Los Angeles International Pen Show

February 17-18-19, 2017
Manhattan Beach Marriott, California

This is a great show and brings in pen aficionados from around the world.  We will be in our usual spot in the main ballroom.  Enter ballroom through main door, turn right and the Pendemonium exhibit is right in front of you!   We'll have a wide range of all things - Pendemonium including pen reference books, penmanship books and supplies including a wide range of dip pen nibs and dip pen holders.  Fountain Pens, mechanical pencils and we usually have a few ballpoints and rollerballs, too.  Lots of safe inks.  Lots of hard to find fountain pen memorabilia.  Pen Repair supplies.  Stop by and browse.

Sam will be presenting her Think Ink Seminar on Saturday, February 18 at 3pm in the second floor seminar room.  Good common sense information on inks and how your pens interact with them.  Time for Q&A and discussion.  We aim to have fun - no boring videos or slide presentations, this is an interactive presentation!

If you're planning ahead and would like to be sure to find what you want at the show, send us your wish list and we'll bring your delivery to the show.  We can't bring our entire inventory and some items tend to sell quickly - especially books, inks and repair supplies.  If there is something you want that is on the website, tell us about it before February 14 and we'll deliver!

We look forward to seeing you at one of the oldest and largest pen shows in the world!  Wear comfy shoes :)

We will be on the road and at the L.A. Pen Show Thursday, February 16 through Monday, February 20. 2017.  We will ship orders out placed through noon Wed. Feb. 15 on Feb. 16 and resume shipping on Tuesday, Feb. 21.  All orders are acknowledged and email is replied to while we are away.  This is a pretty short trip, so no big delays!

We played with the Eagle nibs in our individual dip pen nib listings today. 

No new listings, but several deletions and lots of quantity adjustments. 

Currently 17 different antique Eagle dip pen nibs available.  

Dip Pen Nibs




News:  We're restocked on all of the very popular Ziller Studios penmanship books including the Tamblyn book.   

Check out our books...

NEWS:  UPDATED February 14, 2017

Our nib grinder has extended her winter holiday and will be back at the grinding wheel in late March! 

Please email us: if you have any questions. 

Thanks for your patience - Letta's grinding is worth waiting for!


Puttering around in the Gillott's aisle in our dip pen nib section today.

Mostly quantity changes and a couple deletions that are sold out, but there are 2 new additions:  

5005-2 a nice bronze 2mm stub and 1178 Super Series Resistan an unusual shaped medium point.  

Click here to check it out...

We've made additions to our pencil leads section of the website today. 

These are all Parker and some in quite unusual hard to find original Parker packaging.

Click here for more pencil leads!



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