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Updated June 6, 2021

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Parker Advertisements

We have hundreds of original pen and ink advertisements! Ads are available from all major pen manufacturers; Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer and Wahl Eversharp as well as many smaller manufacturers.

These ads date from the late 1800s to the 1970s. Old advertisements are a great source of reference for those of you doing research on pen manufacturers, many times allowing us to better pinpoint a pen's date of manufacture or garner other obscure information.

Many of our customers purchase vintage advertisements for framing either for themselves or as a gift. We must admit they look great framed and we have a number of these old ads gracing our own walls! We've had quite a bit of practice putting together pen and ink ad packages for decorating purposes.

If you're looking to put some spiffy ads on your office walls, drop us an email. We can pull together a nice assortment of ads for you, perhaps a grouping of classic fountain pens or pens from a certain time period. We've even matched up ads with customers' birth years - these make wonderful personalized birthday presents!

Many times, Parker put more than one style of pen in an advertisement, we have endeavored to note the primary pen in the advertisement. We suggest you read through the descriptions thoroughly as we try to note other pens that appear with the primary pen.

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PKR223 $10

1921, B&W, 2 1/2x14, Lucky Curve, #20S, #24L shown, “Let a Parker be your schoolmate”

PKR235 $10

1921, B&W, 2 1/2x14, Lucky Curve, cross section of feed, “capillary attraction”

PKR238 $11

1914, B&W, 5x14, Lucky Curve self filler shown, “ model self filling fountain pen”

PKR-217 $10

1913, Black and white, 2.5"x7 inches, Parker Lucky Curve Jack Knife Safety, Geo Parker portrait, "I Know that you will like this handy little fountain pen"

PKR-262 $10

Nov 27, 1913 Black and white, 2 1/2x 6 ½ inches, #42 1/2, #20 1/2, #14 Parker Lucky Curve fountain pens shown, “For Christmas What better gift than a handsome Parker Pen?”

PKR-263 $10

Sept 4, 1913, Black and white,, 2 1/2 x6 ½ inches, #20, #42 1/2 Parker Lucky Curve fountain pens shown, “The Pen that Can’t Misbehave”

PKR-740 $10

Parker Lucky Curve 1920 Advertisement, From the July 17, 1920 Literary Digest magazine. vert measures 3 x 11 inches, the full page measures 8 x 11.5 inches. Bold illustration of a Parker nib and pen. "Science me the Parker Always Clean, Always ready, Quick to Fill, Safe to Carry". Love the note about how 900 of their 20,000 dealers render local service. Excellent condition for an of this age.

PKR-746 $10

Parker Advertisement, September 1899, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Black and White, measures 6 x 5.5 inches. Geo S Parker autograph, illustration of two jointless Lucky Curve fountain pens and the Parker factory at 22 Mill Street Janesville.

PKR-747 $10

Parker advertisement, 1915, Black and White, I solve the Problem of What to Give, Parker Lucky Curve Safety Self-Filling Fountain Pen with the funny little Luck Curve Pen Man filling himself with ink. Measures 5.5 x 6.5 inches.

PKR-748 $10

Parker advertisement, 1905, Munsey’s Magazine, Black and White, Parker Pens are Grasped by Successful Students Who Recognize their Value. Two crossed Lucky Curve Pens and two Gruates on each side of . Parker dress noted is: 20 Niska St. in Janesville.

PKR-752 $10

Parker Advertisement, May 15, 1920, Literary Digest, Black and White, measures 2.5 x 11.75 inches. Parker Lucky Curve Safety Sealed Fountain Pens, lovely illustration of the Parker Lucky Curve FP with a white quill in the background.

PKR-766 $10

Parker Advertisement, ca. 1912-1915, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Black and White, measures 3 x 6.5 inches. Leakproof and mighty handy, too. Photo of Geo. S. Parker. No. 22 ½ and No. 20 Jack Knife Safety pens illustrated.

PKR-767 $10

Parker Advertisement, December 1898, Munsey’s Magazine, Black and White, measures 6.25 x 2.5 inches. The Success of the Pen Age. The Jointless Lucky Curve Geo. S. Parker Fountain Pen. Illustration of the pen and close up of the lucky curve and section.

PKR-779 $10

Parker Lucky Curve Advertisement, Youth’s Companion, September 9, 1897, black and white, 2 x 4.75 inch on full 15.75 x 10 5/8 inch page. Getting Down to Business Geo. S. Parker Fountain Pen, The Tubular Feeder. 90 Mill Street Janesville dress.

PKR407 $15

1929 Color 8"x12" Duofold desk sets, Albert Keller, "A Shorter Way..A More Productive Day"

PKR704 $10

April 1924, American Magazine, black and orange color, 8x11 inches, "Duofold converts the Die Hards too". Parker Sr Duofold and Ly Duofold are illustrated.

PKR-706 $10

June 1924 - Parker Duofold Fountain Pen and Pencil, Gruation's Gift, from National Geo, 7x10 inches, black and white

PKR-707 $10

June 1924 - Parker Duofold Fountain Pen and Pencil in box, Gruation's Gift Duette, from American Magazine, 8x11 inches, black, white and orange.

PKR-715 $10

June 1926 - Parker Duofold Pen and Pencil Duette, Give this Reward to Gruates, from American Magazine, 8x11inches, black, white and orange.

PKR-717 $10

August 21, 1926 - Parker Duofold Desk Sets, Give us a Fountain Pen Desk Set, from Literary Digest, 8.5x12 inches, black, white and orange. Five different Duofold desk sets are pictured.

PKR-718 $10

September 18, 1926 - Parker Duofold Desk Sets, Only the Parker Desk Pens Lie Level, from Literary Digest, 8.5 x 12 inches, black, white and orange, 3 different Duofold desk sets are illustrated.

PKR-720 $10

November 13, 1926 - Parker Duofold Desk Sets, You can Lay this Pen Down, from Literary Digest, 8.5x12 inches, black, white and orange with sprig of Christmas holly, 5 desk sets shown.

PKR-723 $10

December 1928 - Parker Duofold Desk Sets, Always in Postition, from American Magazine, 8x11 inches, full color, Shows 4 different desk sets with desk Duofold fountain pens in je, lapis and red.

PKR-271 $12

Dec 1925, Full color, 7x10 inches, National Geographic back cover, Parker Duofold Duette set, “The Chief Attraction at Christmas headquarters”

PKR-274 $12

Dec 1927, Full Color, 7x10 inches, National Geographic back cover, five Parker Duofold desk sets “Not cut prices on Something Old but Lower prices on something !”

PKR-287 $14

Dec 1924, Black and white, 7x10 inches, National Geographic, Parker Duofold Fountain Pen and Ly Duofold fountain pen, “Santa Claus, They’re Here! Parker Duofold Duette”

PKR-293 $14

Sept 1924, Black and white, 7x10 inches, National Geographic, Parker Ly Duofold shown, “To make rugs safe from spilly inkwells Have a Duofold on the Home Desk”

PKR-489 $12

Dec 1929, Black and White, 5x14 inches, American Boy - Youth‘s Companion magazine, Duofold fountain pen & pencil in je green, two desk sets, Santa at top, “Page Mr. Santa Claus, Boys!”

PKR-576 $12

Parker Duofold Christmas vert, December 1926, National Geographic back cover, full color, 7x10 inches. Santa in his sleigh with woman in lap, three Parker Duofold illustrations, "First Christmas for Parker Desk Sets! The Ones That Let the Pens Lie Down Without Drying"

PKR-643 $10

Nov 1935, Woman's Home Companion, 5x14, B&W, "This Smart Plaskon Utility Case for Cigarettes, Jewelry or Boudoir Trifles, and outright gift-no charge whatever with the purchase of a Parker Laminated Vacumatic Pen and Pencil set", illustration of Parker Vacumatic Fountain pen, and Vacumatic pen and pencil set.

PKR-777 $10

Parker Vacumatic Advertisement, ca. early 1930s, black and white, 5 x 13 inches. Now He Offers You a “Double - Duty” Pen, photo of George Parker top right, Duofold Streamline Fountain Pen and Desk Set in black and pearl.

PKR-166 $9

1952, Full Color, 11x14, Parker 51, two Parker 51 Demi fountain pens; one in cocoa and one in black, one Parker 51 Special in blue and one Parker 21 in burgundy, "Spring Gift Showing"

PKR-246 $10

1949, Full Color, 11x14, 51, 3 sets & 1 desk stand shown, "How to be the best Santa"

PKR-253 $10

Nov 1947, Full Color, 11x14, Santa's hand presenting "51" Fountain Pen with holly, "Take it from Santa Parker 51 is the world's most wanted gift pen"

PKR-255 $10

Dec 1947, Full Color, 11x14, Parker 51 Magnetix Desk Sets, "...magnetic", four different Magnetix desk sets shown, also Parker Superchrome Ink mentioned.

PKR-322 $9

1952, Full Color, 11x14, 51,"Spring Gift Showing"

PKR-336 $9

May 17, 1952, Full Color 1952, S.E.P., 51,”Spring Gift Showing” demi & regular

PKR-452 $8

1950, Full Color, 7x10, Demi size 51 burgundy/gold, "a Parker 51"

PKR-462 $8

1950, Full Color, 7x10, 51 Green/Gold, "Aero-metric Ink System!"

PKR-612 $10

1948, National Geographic, 7x10, Full Color, "The most valued of your friends...Perfect gift to keep them thinking of you! It gives individuality to your good wishes!", illustration of Parker 51 pen and pencil set.

PKR-675 $9

1952, The National Geographic, 7x10, Full Color, “Parker Spring Gift Showing! Choose this gift... and all will know your heart is in the giving! Parker 51 pen”, illustration of Demi-Size 51 in blue, Regular Size 51 in blue.

PKR-162 $7

1949, 7 x 10 inches, full color, National Geographic, Aero-metric Parker 51, Shown in Santa’s hand and as a boxed set with sprig of holly, “Clever to Choose Certain to Please, World’s most wanted gift pen”

PKR-374 $9

Sept 5, 1953, Full Color, 11x14 inches, Saturday Evening Post, Parker 51 and 21 fountain pens, 5 squares illustrate the electro polishing process, “Something that‘s hard to believe!”

PKR-776 $9

Parker 51 Advertisement, 1947, full color, 10 x 13.5 inches. In the Hands of Americans Everywhere, Parker 51 World’s Most Wanted Pen, 5 different illustrated hands holding five different Parker 51 fountain pens. Along the right side of are testimonials from eight different “everyday” people who use Parker 51 pens.

PKR-104 $5

Sept 9, 1961, Black and white with gold, 11"x14 inches, Parker 45 convertible fountain pen, the ingenious converter illustrated, “Why did Parker put a 14K gold point on their convertible pen?

PKR-105 $5

1961, Black and white with gold, 11"x14 inches, Parker 45 convertible fountain pen, “Why did Parker put a 14K gold point on their convertible pen?

PKR-786 $10

Parker Advertisement, 1960, Black , White and Gold, 10.5 x 13.5 inches. “ Christmas Shopping me easy … or how to check two important names from your gift list with one $10 bill. Parker 45 and holiday gift boxes illustrated.

PKR-59 $3

Dec 17, 1971, Black and white, 3x13, Parker Jotter Ballpoint, “Would you believe a fine gift pen could cost just $1.98?”

PKR-170 $6

Parker Advertisement, ca. 1962, black and white, Parker International Flighter Ball Pen, A little luxury that does a man a world of good. Photo of the International Flighter in hand. Measures 10 x 13.5 inches

PKR-417 $10

July 28, 1947, Full Color, 11"x14 inches, Parker Superchrome Ink, blue & white canister bottle, rainbow, Parker 51 fountain pen, "! The most brilliant ink in the History of Writing"

PKR-448 $5

1979, full color, 7x10 inches, Parker Classic Imperial Ball Pen, “The Mark of Distinction”.

PKR-699 $5

1963, 7x10, B&W, Nat Geographic, Parker VP, adjustable nib is illustrated in a close up view across the top, full pen illustrated across bottom of . Caption reads "Dial the writing angle to suit your style"

PKR-731 $5

Parker 75 and Classic vert, ca. 1977, black and white, 6.75 x 10 inches, “Give your hand a promotion”. Parker 75 sterling silver ballpen and Slim Parker Classic ballpen illustrated.

PKR-735 $10

Parker Advertisement, August 17, 1940, Saturday Evening Post, 10x14 inches, full color. “Nice Work and you can do it with Parker’s Surprising Writefine Pencil”. Three different colors of Writefine pencils, Writefine pencil les, Parker Vacumatic fountain pen and pencil set, accounting papers.

PKR-758 $9

Parker Advertisement, October 11, 1947, Saturday Evening Post, 51 writes dry with wet ink, Parker 51 world’s most wanted pen. Black Parker 51 with Lustraloy cap in the hand of Santa.

PKR-791 $10

 Parker Advertisement, December 6, 1919, Literary Digest, “For Christmas”, Parker Lucky Curve Safety-Sealed Fountain Pens, Models detailed in fine print are No. 66 Lady’s Pen and No. 68 Gentlemen’s Pen. Measures 5x6 inches. Excellent condition.

PKR-794 $20

 Parker Advertisement, Boy’s Life, December 1925, Measures 10.5 x 14. Parker Duofold Duette. Rivals the Beauty of the Scarlet Tanager, How would you like to get these school chums for Christmas? Old fashioned illustration at top of family putting up their Christmas Tree. Great illustrations of Parker Big Red Fountain Pens and Mechanical Pencils. Small, tight half inch tear at top, otherwise in excellent condition. 



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