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Updated December 4, 2018

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Vintage Penmanship Practice Blocks $15.00 each

These handmade vintage penmanship practice blocks would have been used in a grade school for practicing cursive letters. Tthey were most likely used in the 1940s-1950s and that was confirmed when we asked a pen collector at the Arkansas Pen Show if he had ever seen them. His eyes lit up and he told us he remembered using them at Sacred Heart School in third or fourth grade in the 1940s. These penmanship practice blocks would have been far less expensive to use back in the day than paper because you could use them over and over again for many years.  I'm certain that school budgets were even tighter then than they are now!

Each block measures approximately 5.5 x 8 inches and is 3/8 onches thick.  We muse that the English and Penmanship teacher probably wrote the letter on the block. Someone very smoothly routed out the letter so that the students could use their No. 2 yellow pencil in it to practice their letter forms.  One side of the block has a capital letter, the reverse the corresponding lower case letter. There is lots of graphite in those grooves! The script on each block is very similar to Palmer letter forms.

There is only ONE of each block and they are they are each in very good condition.

LB-I Penmanship Practice Block - Letter I $15

LB-Q Penmanship Practice Block - Letter Q $15

LB-U Penmanship Practice Block - Letter U $15

LB-V Penmanship Practice Block - Letter V $15

LB-Y Penmanship Practice Block - Letter Y $15

LB-Z Penmanship Practice Block - Letter Z $15


P990  $30

Beginning Pen Lettering by Donald Whitfeld, published by Ginn & Company Ltd in England.  This is a set of 4 books, copyright 1962. The Teacher’s Book, red cover, 64 pages, Divided into 8 chapters for the teacher on preparation, and information on comments of the various groups of letters taught in Books 1,2 and 3.  Book One, olive green cover, 16 pages.  Focus is on Italic Lettering and covers materials, pen placement and letter formation with grids. Book Two, Green cover, 16 pages.  Focus is on Italic Lettering, continuing on from Book One. Book Three, Dark Green cover, 32 pages, Continued Focus on more advance Italic Lettering from Books one and two. Each book is soft cover, staple bound and measures 7 x 8.75 inches.  The books are in excellent condition.


P1000  $10

Page 35 from a ca. 1880s unknown penmanship book.  Two bird flourishes in black on aged white paper.  Measures 8 3/8 x 3.75 inches.  Reverse side is blank.  Very good condition.  The flourishes are amazing little works of art. Would look nice framed. 

P1001 $10

Cover only from a ca. late 1890s Penmanship Book:  Fleming’s Self-Instructor Business and Ornamental Penmanship By Mail Post Paid $1.00  C.A. Fleming  Northern Business College. Black on aged white paper.  Measures 8.5 x 4 inches.  Several tight tears, on each edge, otherwise very good condition.  A very elaborate cover and detail work of art.  Would look nice framed.

P1002  $25

Flickinger Penmanship Book, ca. early 1900s.  100 Writing Lessons by H.W. Flickinger, copyright 1907.  Published be The Home Correspondence Springfield, Mass.  For Public Schools, Colleges, Correspondence Teaching and Self Instruction.  Cover which was originally the front side of an envelope is well worn on all sides and quite fragile, the back cover is detached and plain (no printing).  Included are nine pages with examples for practice, each page is 9 x 4 inches and printed on one side only.  The writing examples included are: page 27  Practice page in unknown font using each letter of the alphabet in a nonsensical phrase, page 29 Old English, page 30 German Text, page 31 Roman Original Pen and Ink Copy for Ames Alphabets, page 32 Italic Roman Original Pen and Ink Copy for Ames Alphabets, page 33  Gothic Original Pen and Ink Copy for Ames Alphabets, page 34 Marking Alphabet, page 36 Speciman of Marking with  mention of Standard Book Publishing and Penmans Art Journal, No page number illustration and lettering “The Day Light Club desire to place on record some suitable expression of their high appreciation of their retiring President with detailed illustration.  The pages are fragile and most have a few tiny tears on the edges.  Very suitable for framing.  

Fountain Pen Books


 Montegrappa Italia 2013 Catalogue, Softcover, 267 pages, 8.25 x 11.75 inches History of Montegrappa, detailed information and full color beautiful photographs of each pen both from regular and Limited Edition production.  1-2 pages dedicated to each pen.  Lower front right corners slightly curved thru page 20, otherwise in excellent condition.  Note that while there is detailed information on each pen, prices are not included in this book.  Superb reference for the Montegrappa pen collector.  Catlogues such as this don't turn up often!  

No. PKR51   Parker 51 Book  $80

The first book on the history of Parker "51". This book promises to excite even the most knowledgeable "51" collector.

The Parker 51 Book written by David and Mark Shepherd in collaboration with Parker will be the most sought after book released to the pen community in years. David Shepherd compiled the first published history of the Parker 51 using privileged information available only through private resources. This hardback book features over 700 color photographs complemented by authoritative information throughout it's 176 pages. This book has been much awaited and will be an important part of any serious pen collectors' library of reference materials. The ultimate guide to the Parker 51!

Pendemonium is the sole distributor of The Parker 51 Book worldwide, with the arrangement of author distribution in the UK. Wholesale dealer inquiries welcomed.


No. VAC-BOOK  Parker Vacumatic Book  $80

Written by Geoffrey Parker (great-grandson of George S. Parker the founder of Parker Pen), Dan Zazove (long time Parker collector and a co-organizer of the Chicago Pen Show) and David Shepherd (Parker collector and author of the Parker 51 and Parker Duofold books). First Edition, copyright 2008, published by Surrenden Pens Limited in UK. Hardcover. 343 pages. Wonderful full color photographs throughout the book. The Parker Vacumatic Book details the history of Parker's Vacumatic fountain pen from beginning to end! There are excerpts from Kenneth Parker's personal journal as well as Parker family history. Dave Ruderman, Parker's UK Director of History once again allowed the authors full access to the Parker Archives in Newhaven meaning there are many rare examples of Parker Vacumatics and variants shown. As with the previous Parker 51 and Parker Duofold books, the layout and design by Terry Shepherd is outstanding and is the perfect mix of text and photographs. Complimentary Vacumatic Blotter with each book while supplies last! Pendemonium is the sole distributor of The Parker Vacumatic Book worldwide, with the arrangement of author distribution in the UK. Wholesale dealer inquiries welcomed. The book is divided into six sections: 1) History - the early Parker years through 1931, Great Depression, the Vacumatic filling system and more. 2) First Generation 1932-1936 - Vacuum Filler, Vacumatic, Parker in UK, Canada & Denmark, Golden Web and more. 3) Second Generation 1937-1941 - Speedline filler, Maximas, Star clips, Blue Diamond, Shadow Wave, 51 development and more. 4) Third Generation 1942-1948 - Vacufold, Jewelers Bands, Push Cap Vacumatics, Red Bands, VS and more. 5) Design - patents, anatomy of a Vacumatic, filling instructions, colors, imprints, clips, Quink Ink and more. 6) Marketing - Advertising and Marketing, Ripley's Believe it or Not, Parker codes, Store displays, Club 51 and more.




No. WRITENOW   Write Now Book  $20

A complete self teaching program for better handwriting, Getty and Dubay, copyright 1991, 3rd edition, published by Continuing Education Press - Portland State University, softbound, 96 pages.

Reform Your Handwriting with Write Now. Your poor handwriting isn't your fault! The handwriting most of us were taught was simply not designed to accomplish the necessary combination of legibility, speed, and ease.

Italic handwriting is easy and natural. Rhythmical patterns of sloping lines and ellipses follow the natural movement of the wrist. These handsome letterforms are as easy to write as they are to read. Write faster and more legibly. These simple, narrow, slightly sloping letters were designed for both legibility and speed.

Italic is a fast, and efficient and practical writing style that eliminates the loops and flourishes of conventional writing. Send handwritten notes you can be proud of. Friends and business associates will appreciate receiving legible and distinctive handwritten messages. Make a positive impression.

Your handwriting style says a lot about you. Italic writing commands respect and makes a lasting statement about your style and competence.

We have many custom ground cursive italic fountain pens available that are perfect for learning cursive italic with the Write Now book.

No. ITALCALL  Italic Calligrpahy for School & Home  $30

Fall in love with letters with this handsome, hands on introduction to calligraphy for students of all ages. Renowned calligrapher Inga Dubay leads beginning calligraphers step by step to a mastery of beautiufl writing.  With the aid of online instructional videos and DIY worksheet, students learn everything from proper pen hold to artful greeing card design.  For ages 7 and up. 64 pages, 8.5 xx.  Published by Allport Editions.  Copyright 2016.


No. TAMBLYN  Tamblyn's Home Instructor in Penmanship  $30

Frederick William Tamblyn (1870-1947) was a master penman and founder of the Tamblyn Studio in Kansas City, later to become Ziller of Kansas City and still in operation today. Ziller of KC took on the task of having Tamblyn's original book "Home Instructor in Penmanship" reprinted. This book was last published (7th edition) in 1938. The new 8th Edition is now in it's second printing in 2008. Aside from the original book contents, also included is a biography of Tamblyn and 25 pages of Tamblyn's original works that were housed in the archives at Ziller.

In addition to Practical Business Writing (which is what most of us do!), there are also instructions and lessons on Artistic Writing, Engravers Script and over 10 other forms of ornamental writing. Nice section of how to make those beautiful bird flourishes, too. The book is professionally printed, large spiral binding so the book is practical to use - it lays flat. New cover format with the 8th Edition 2008 covers the spiral on outside binding edge so you know immediately this is the book you're looking for on the bookshelf! Most importantly 174 pages of instruction and illustrations of how to achieve good penmanship. Of course, you'll have to devote some practice time.


No. ZLRBK-1 Business Writing Book One  $6

Stephen A. Ziller, published by Ziller of Kansas City. This book focuses on business writing.

No. ZLRBK-2 Artistic Writing Book Two  $6

Stephen A. Ziller, published by Ziller of Kansas City, Third Printing 1994, softbound, 32 pages. A complete course on ornamental penmanship for classroom or home. Information on appropriate materials, hand motion and form is included. This book focuses on lessons and drills to learn the Ziller Artistic Alphabet. This style of writing is often referred to as ornamental penmanship, similar styles are Spencerian and Zanerian writing which include many flourishes.

No. ZLRBK-3 Card Writing  $6

Stephen A. Ziller, published by Ziller of Kansas City. This books focuses on lessons for card writing.

No. ZLRBK-4  Engrossing Alphabets Book 4  $6

Stephen A. Ziller, published by Ziller of Kansas City, Second Printing 1955, softbound, 32 pages. Engrossing alphabets were used primarily, although not exclusively, for penning names in certificates and official documents. Book Four includes instructions for learning: Modified Old English, Medieval, Old English, Engrossers' Text, Italian Style, Modified French Roundhand, Broad Pen Roman, Engravers Script, Hand Made Old Style Classic Roman and Gothic.


No. ZLRBK-5  Bird Design & Flourishing  $6

Stephen A. Ziller, published by Ziller of Kansas City. Book 5 includes instructions for learning bird and design flourishing.

Pen Repair Books

No. DABOOK  Fountain Pens, Complete Guide to Repair and Restoration $20

"I have received "Da Book" and though I've only read a few pages, I've already learned something about pens. I now know, for example, that I caused the discoloration of an old hard rubber pen by soaking it in water. I should have bought the book sooner! Thanks for the recommendation."

New Revised Edition! Frank Dubiel, spiral bound. Everything you wanted to know about repairing vintage fountain pens & probably a few things you didn't want to know, too! Whether you're just starting out with pen repairs or have been at it for awhile, this book has lots of helpful hints.

Our friend, Frank Dubiel passed away unexpectedly on December 7, 2003. Aside from being the author of Da Book, Frank was very involved with the pen community and you could find him at every pen show, sitting behind his table, giving out advice on pen repairs. He will be missed by many.


No. EVERSHP  Eversharp Service Manual  $20

1937 Manual

This is one of the more detailed pen service manuals ever published!

From 1937, an Eversharp Service Manual covering in incredible detail Dorics, Coronets, and other pens and also repeater pencils, with additional notes by Frank Dubiel. 8 1/2" x 11" in an unusual spiral bound "landscape" format the 38 pages, plus covers, are packed with information! About 100 illustrations and repair detail not seen elsewhere about piston fillers, adjustable nibs and the safety ink shut offs. (You will love the 500 year life claim on the packing units--although repairs to them are covered.) You'll read many little known facts such as how and why Eversharp used perforated washers in their piston pens. Highly specific information on inner caps, disassembly of the adjustable nib, clip repair, feeds, and pencil repair. Full illustrated repair, assembly and troubleshooting of Eversharp Repeater pencils. Extensive information on the complex section designs of the Coronet series. Intricate parts diagrams and charts. Repair tools and their use. Many pages devoted to "Repair Analysis" of every conceivable pen problem. The troubleshooting charts and information applies to most any pen regardless of make, model or manufacture and comprise about one quarter of this manuals contents. It will take you hours to study the detailed photos and drawings. Reproduced on a state of the art $22,000 digital duplicator, the reprint looks far better and is easier to read than the finely printed original. While other manuals have been reprinted, this detailed a manual has not been offered before. Whether you collect Eversharp or not, this is an excellent book to include in your repair reference library.


REPAIR-SP  Pen Repair - Spanish Edition - Limited Supplies Available! $65

Jim Marshall and Laurence Oldfield's excellent pen repair book translated by Ariel Zuniga into Spanish. Covers nearly every pen repair you'll ever encounter and is diagrammed with step by step color photographs.  Part One of the book in an introduction with info on Parts, Function, Procedures and Filling Systems.  Part Two includes Repair Instructions for Specific Makers and Models of Pens and Pencils, this covers 94 different models of pens from all major manufacturers.  Part Three is devoted to Advanced Procedures, Reference and Additional Information.  280 pages of pen repair knowledge!   Soft cover, internal spiral binding for ease of use.  A must for pen people, even if you don't do repairs, this book will help you fully understand your pens.  Production has been limited on this book.  

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