Parker 51 Book

Here's What People Are Saying About David Shepherd's Parker 51 Book

"I just received the new book, "Parker '51'" by David and Mark Shepherd. If you haven't already ordered a copy, be sure to do so. It is easily the best pen book I have held in my hands. No other book comes close to its content, photography, editing, layout, and design. All future pen books will be measured against this new, very high standard.
And I own just three Parker 51 pens!"   DJ

"I just received the P51 book. Fantastic!!! I just went through my collection and found some problem with the dating of my pens that this book cleared up. What a great resource."    DK

"I just purchased the new Parker 51 book today, and have spent the last hour and a half devouring the first 41 pages. This is, without a doubt, one of the best books on pens ever written!
This is truly an all-encompassing document, detailing virtually every aspect of 51 design, range of models, presentation and marketing, and valuation. Not only American production, but Canadian, and UK production are also detailed with the subtile differences highlighted. Outstanding photographs, true color graphics. Simply stated, there is nothing left out of this book!
I urge anyone with an interest in any brand of vintage pens (not just Parker 51's) to get this book! It is a wonderful achievement in research and composition! Thank you David and Mark, you've done a fantastic job bringing the Parker 51 to life!"    JR

"This is a gorgeous and impressive book. It doesn't just need a dust jacket. It needs a drool bib."  GM


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