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Updated August 21, 2021

Some of the more unusual desk sets we come across weren't made by "The Big Four" (Parker, Sheaffer, Wahl-Everhsarp, Waterman) but by smaller, equally high quality writing instrument companies. Desk sets are always in demand, and we try to list them as soon as we find them, before we're tempted to keep them for ourselves!

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Desk Sets

MI1959  $12

Unknown Single Desk Set, green onyx with subtle lighter green marbling, black plastic fared pen holder mounted on bright polished steel mounting.  Holder swivels forward and backward.  Base measures 3 x 3.5 inches.  There are multiple small and shallow chips around the top edge of base. Pen NOT included.     

MI1960  $12

Gregory Ink Co Fount-O-Ink Los Angeles. Ca. 1950s-60s.  Black glazed ceramic base was designed to hold an inverted Fount-O-Ink bottle to feed ink to the two pen holders.  Octagonal in shape with two pen holders.  Measures 5 inches at points.  Original gold Fount-O-Ink label on back.  Underside is white porcelain (not glazed) and fully marked with US Patents.  Fount-O-Ink dipless style Pens not included.  No chips or nicks and in very good condition.  

MI1961  $12

Unknown (possibly Eversharp), Pen holder and socket only. (No pase or pen). Brownish-red with gold plated trim. Diameter of opening is one half inch, length of holder is 2.5 inch plus plug to attach to a base. Excellent condition.   

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