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This page last updated 6/1/12

Pelikan Fountain Pen Ink

Pelikan Edelstein
Premium Ink Collection


Vibrant color combines with unparalleled performance!

Pelikan brings sparkling new life into the world of inks! The Edelstein Premium Ink Collection comprises seven brilliant colors with a special ingredient which ensures extra smooth writing and high-performance care for your fountain pen.

The Edelstein Inks - pronounced 'EY-dell-shtine' - translate from the German word for 'gemstone' and each color corresponds to the beautiful hue of a precious gem. The Edelstein inks come in a high-value bottle called a 'flacon'. The rich weight and sensual curves make it a pleasure to hold in your hands and a true ornament to every desk.

PEL-339-390 Sapphire Blue
Sorry, temporarily out of stock
Sapphire $22
PEL-339-408 Onyx Black
Sorry, temporarily out of stock
Onyx $22
PEL-339-341 Mandarin Orange Mandarin $22
PEL-339-358 Ruby Red Ruby $22
PEL-339-366 Aventurine Dark Green Aventurine $22
PEL-339-374 Jade Light Green Jade $22
PEL-339-382 Topaz Blue-violet Topaz $22

Pelikan 4001 Fountain Pen Ink

Pelikan's first writing inks were called 4001. The reason for this name was a designation found in the Receptu Buch which was used to record formulas for different product lines. Writing ink formulas were in Book Four and the first formula was recorded as 001. Hence the designation "4001".

Pelikan 4001 Fountain Pen Ink
  • Fine Inks since 1863
  • Water Soluble & Free Flowing
  • Eight Vibrant Colors in 2 oz. (62.5 ml) bottles
  • Eleven Vibrant Colors in cartridges

4001 Fountain Pen Ink
2 oz. (62.5 ml) bottle - $9.45 each

PLEASE NOTE: Colors on computer monitors vary greatly! Please bear this in mind as you view the color samples below.

PEL-329144 Brilliant Black
Sorry, temporarily out of stock
Pelikan Black $9.45
PEL-329151 Blue Black
Pelikan Blue Black $0.00
PEL-329136 Royal Blue Pelikan Royal Blue $9.45
PEL-329169 Brilliant Red Pelikan Red $9.45
PEL-329177 Brilliant Green Pelikan Green $9.45
PEL-329185 Brilliant Brown Pelikan Brown $9.45
PEL-329193 Violet Pelikan Violet $9.45
PEL-329201 Turquoise Pelikan Turquoise $9.45

4001 Fountain Pen Ink - 250 ml (8.45 oz) $22

Pelikan Ink 250ml

If you like Pelikan black and royal blue ink or have a need to keep a bit more on hand than the regular size 2 oz bottle, but aren't quite ready to tackle a litre bottle of ink, these 250ml bottles are a good option.

PEL-317867 Brilliant Black,
Pelikan Black $22
PEL-301085 Royal Blue,
Pelikan Royal Blue $22

Pelikan Liter

Many people request large quantities of ink. We are pleased to offer Pelikan Brilliant Black and Royal Blue inks, all around favorites, in one litre bottles.
4001 Fountain Pen Ink - 1 Litre Bottle $68.50 each
PEL-301168 Brilliant Black Pelikan Black $68.50
PEL-301135 Royal Blue Pelikan Royal Blue $68.50

4001 Fountain Pen Ink - TP6
Standard International (short) Cartridges

6 cartridges per package - $2.65 package

Pelikan 4001 Fountain Pen Cartridges

Pelikan are Standard International Cartridges
Click here for a list of pens that these cartridges will fit.

PEL-301218 Brilliant Black
Sorry, temporarily out of stock
Pelikan Black $2.65
PEL-301184 Blue-Black
Pelikan Blue Black $0.00
PEL-301176 Royal Blue Pelikan Royal Blue $2.65
PEL-301192 Brilliant Red Pelikan Red $2.65
PEL-301200 Brilliant Green Pelikan Green $2.65
PEL-301697 Violet Pelikan Violet $2.65
PEL-301705 Turquoise Pelikan Turquoise $2.65
PEL-321075 Pink
Sorry, temporarily out of stock
Pelikan Pink $2.65

Pelikan Roller Pen Ink Cartridges

Pelikan Roller Pen Ink Cartridges

Standard International Long cartridges designed especially for Pelikan and other brands of Roller Balls that use standard international ink cartridges.

NOTE: These are NOT for use in fountain pens, they contain a special formulated ink exclusively for roller ball pens!

PEL-920058 Pelikan RB Ink Cartridges, Blue, 5 per pack $1.60

Pelikan Fount-India Ink

Pelikan Fount-India Ink

Black drawing ink for fountain pens. Opaque, lightfast and one of the most water resistant inks we've found, ideal for addressing envelopes. One ounce plastic bottle.

PEL-221143 Fount-India, black
1 ounce bottle
Pelikan Fount-India Black Ink $6.90

Pelikan Converter

For Pelikan cartridge filling pens: Pelikano, Pelikano Junior and Script.

PEL-999128 Pelikan C499 Converter $6.90

NOTE: Pelikan ballpoint pens use Parker style refills. Please click here to view our selection of Parker ballpoint and gel refills.

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