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Inky Greetings
Thursday, January 4, 2007

Prices good while supplies last or through Sunday, January 7, 2007
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Inky Greetings to all!

We want to wish you happy, healthy and prosperous Happy New Year!

Our End of Year sale was a huge success! We want to thank you for your purchases during the sale and throughout the year. Our inventory levels were greatly reduced making for a much easier annual inventory count for us on New Year's Day. If you notice more items than usual are temporarily out of stock, don't worry, we're restocking these items quickly. Over the next several weeks we'll have items restocked and back to normal.

We'll be hitting the road once again this month for the Philly Pen Show, January 20th - 21st at the Sheraton Philadelphia City Center. This is a fantastic show, despite the inevitable snow this time of year in Philly. We are looking forward to seeing many of you at the show. If you have special requests, let us know, we'll be happy to deliver your order to you in person at the show. Just drop us an email with your wish list. If you need show details, visit the Philly Pen Show website or contact Jim Rouse by email

Next in line is the Los Angeles Pen Show, February 24th - 25th at the Manhattan Beach Marriott. Boris Rice organizes this show, for complete details contact Boris via email or phone 281-496-7152. We'll be taking a little time for some R & R along Route 66 after the show. Watch for our Travelogue and travel along with us. More details on the fun LA show as we draw a little closer to the dates.

Palmer Penmanship Pins

Vintage Palmer pins, all in very good condition with the original paper insert inside the edges of the back side of pin.

1. Palmer Method Pin (1 avail) $20
Left: Palmer Method, 7/8 in dia, paper insert states that the winner of this button has satisfactorily mastered the first 25 drills in the Palmer Method Manual.
2. Palmer Method Pin (1 avail) $15
Center: Palmer Method Primary Writing, 3/4 in dia, paper insert also states that the winner has successfully mastered drills, but the area where the number should be is worn and no longer readable.
3. Palmer Method Pin (1 avail) $20
Right: Palmer Method Writing for Merit, 15/16 in dia, paper insert states that the winner of this button has satisfactorily mastered the first 60 drills in the Palmer Method Manual.

Vintage Dip Pens

These are all good quality vintage wood dip pens, noting overly fancy, but there are some interesting ones. Each has been fit with a new old stock antique dip pen nib. One of each available.

Your choice - $10 each

4. Dip Pen (1 avail) $10
Unknown maker, black with silver, magenta and turquoise random design. Hunt "Arrow" nib with flexible medium point.
5. Dip Pen (1 avail) $10
Maker imprint worn, bright red with ribbed rubber gripping section. Esterbrook No. 313 Probate nib with flexible left oblique point.
6. Dip Pen (1 avail) $10
Koh-i-Noor No. 15, black and white. Eagle No. E831 Silverene nib with flexible medium point.
7. Dip Pen (1 avail) $10
Bradley of Vermont No. 36, black and red. Esterbrook No. 520 Penesco nib with slightly flexible medium point.
8. Dip Pen (1 avail) $10
Koh-i-Noor No. 127N, black with cork gripping section. Palmer Method No. 9 nib with very flexible fine point.
9. Dip Pen (1 avail) $10
Eberhard Faber No. 64, bright red with natural wood gripping section. Esterbrook No. 453 school nib with very flexible medium point.
10. Dip Pen (1 avail) $10
Dixon Student No. 3014, natural wood finish. Sanger No. 25 Bankers Nib with flexible medium point.
11. Dip Pen (1 avail) $10
Pneumatic No. 377, black with rubber contoured gripping section. Hunt No. 57 Silverene nib with very flexible fine point.
12. Dip Pen (1 avail) $10
Eberhard Faber No. 267, natural wood finish and black gripping area. Eagle No. E10 Falcon nib with flexible medium point.
13. Dip Pen (1 avail) $10
Minaret No. 1000, red and green. Sengbusch No. 17 gold plated fountain pen nib with firm fine point.

14. Sheaffer Prelude Fountain Pen - Custom Nib (2 avail) $50
Prelude FP in petrol metallic blue with palladium plated cap. Palladium plated broad steel nib has been custom ground to a smooth writing 1.1mm cursive italic point. Pen is in new condition with converter.
15. Faber Castell Fountain Pen (1 avail) $40
Well, maybe, design is typical of a Faber but no markings on pen itself, just the nib and we all know how often nibs got switched in days gone by! I bought this because the colors are unusual, it's bright and cheery and just a cool looking plastic! Pen is missing original clip, I added the rather nifty gold plated add on clip. Pen writes beautifully - Faber Castell gold plated nib, very smooth extra fine point. Lever fill. Pen measures 5 1/8 inches long. There's some plating wear to the band and lever, but plastic is solid and not warped like so many of these no-names we see. I'd date it to the 1930s when dollar pens were affordable and bright colored pens were in!

16. Sheaffer Snorkel - Flexxy Nib! (1 avail) $125
Interesting Snorkel, it's been repaired and is fully functioning now. Our nib guru put quite a bit of effort into making the nib look like a nib again, someone had treated it quite poorly. Original Sheaffer band on the section, but quite difficult to read, whoever owned this used it well and left the sticker on for whatever reason. The nib is traditional open style and marked medium. A very flexible medium, leaning toward an italic and Snorkels just don't often have flexible nibs no less italics so this one is a treat! Pastel green, gold filled trim, no dot - but the nib makes up for lack of the dot!

17. Pelikan MK10 FP (1 avail) $75
Solid black cap, barrel and turning knob, translucent blue ink view window, gold filled clip and trim, measures 5.25 inches long. Pelikan gold plated steel semi exposed nib, firm fine point. Nice concave Pelikan bird in nest engraved logo in cap top. It's hard to go wrong with a Pelikan!

18. Mordan Dropper Pencil - 1929 (1 avail) $85
Samson Mordan and Co is known for their high quality sterling and gold pencils and related early writing equipment. This dropper pencil carries all the hallmarks (575 gold) and is also engraved in tiny unobtrusive letters: A. Ellis 1929. Ring on side to attach to a vest pocket chain. Measures 2.5 inches long. Push the button at top of pencil case and a cedar pencil drops down to use. Turn the pencil with point up, push the button and the pencils falls neatly back into the its case. There is one very shallow ding on this smooth gold finish, just above and the the left of the letter A in inscription. Very good condition and quite stunning!

Victorian Writing

19. Pen Display Cabinet (1 avail) $25
Dark wood finish with some nice red tones, clear glass top hinges at back, green velor lining inside. Holds 8 pens. Pen grooves are 0.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches long - only the largest of pens would not fit in this cabinet. Outside dimensions are 10 x 8 at base and 3 inches in height at rear. Angles slightly forward. Made for the Bombay store. This cabinet has been used, but you would never know it - is in excellent condition.

20. Ink Bottle Holder (1 avail) $50
Early tin double ink bottle holder is designed to slide over the edge of a tablet, perhaps a table or easel. The two circular holders are the perfect size for Higgins 1 ounce American India Ink. These are older style bottles and two are included with the holder. One has original label, one has no label. The ink bottle holder measures 3 1/8 inches x 1.75 inches. Height with bottles is 2 inches.

Thanks so much for taking time to read this issue of Inky Greetings! Have a great day and don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance.

Good Collecting to all!

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