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Wondering what you missed in our News posts? Here's a bit of Pendemonium ephemera - what we posted in the past month or so.

Please note: If you click to an item and it isn't on the page, it has already been sold.

July 28, 2014 - Mechanical Pencils, Drafting Lead Holders, Woodcase Pencils - we've got them all. Don't have a dilemma like Emma, just shop Pendemonium's Other Pencil Aisle!


July 25, 2014 - All hail the White Dot! We have newly listed vintage Sheaffer advertisements for you today.


July 22, 2014 - Dip into History today with an antique dip pen. Many styles and additional antique nibs available, too.


July 15, 2014 - Think Ink! Vintage Ink, that is! Over 20 antique ink bottles listed today including some nice old Sheaffer SkripWell bottles that make a great inexpensive inkwell.


July 14, 2014 - Eclectic is the word today, especially as it applies to a wide range of vintage advertisements we listed today from uncommon pen makers suck as Stopford, Ruyter, AA Waterman and Ingersoll just to name a few. You're certain to find a perfect antique advertisement to frame for your office!


July 10, 2014 - Fifities style! This awesome teal desk set by Esterbrook has a connection to 1955. Click on the photo to learn more!


P.S. Several hard to find Renew Points also listed today: 2314B Broad Stub, 9128 Flexible Extra Fine and 9284 Signature Broad Stub. These never last long, grab one of these desirable Renew Points today.

July 7, 2014 - Even to this day, we remain amazed at the wide range of pens Parker produced over the years. In addition to those already listed in our Parker aisle, today we have added more pens and pencils to our Jotter, Vector, Flaminaire, Big Red and Duofold sections. Take a look and you will understand why Parker with their vast array of different models is one of the most collectible pens today.


July 3, 2014 - Sooner or later, vintage pen collectors get the itch and want to try their hand at fixing their pen. When that urge comes along, we have you covered with a wide range of pen repair supplies and parts. Several new items added today and our Pen Picks are now back in stock again!


July 1, 2014 - If you haven't browsed our extensive selection of antique inkwells and other fascinating vintage desk top equipment recently, we hope you'll do so today. Everything has been updated, unusual inkwells just listed for sale along with some very nice desk top items. From lamps to light your writing surface to the inkwell to hold your ink, we've got you covered for the full tilt vintage writing experience.


June 27, 2014 - So far, so good, the big Pendemonium relocation is on schedule!

We made it to Kingman, Arizona and have two big trailers to unload.

Our new phone number is up and ringing now: 928-757-PENS (7367). Just in case you have the old number committed to memory it is currently forwarding to Frank's cell phone and will switch over to forward to the new Pendemonium number on Monday. Our internet access is up and running, but your orders will continue to be auto-acknowledged for a few more days so we can get unpacked and start shipping again next week.

Thanks so much for all your patience!

June 25, 2014 - We've been busy in our Other Pens department today adding in NON-Big Four pen maker pens. Skater, Cross, and a host of other fountain pens, roller balls and ballpoints.

other pens

June 24, 2014 - We truly have THE best customers from all around the globe! Always appreciate your feedback. If you're new to Pendemonium, we hope you'll take a moment to read our About Us page and check out our customer comments. We aim to please and have been doing so since 1994.

"I have been very pleased with my purchases from your fine Company. You consistently deliver in terms of both product and service. Your prices are definitely fair relative to the market. It does not surprise me that you are considered one of the very best Dealers in the USA! Additionally, it is a pleasure to deal with you...thank you! Please feel free to share my comments as you have clearly earned the praise."

June 23, 2014 - We're always on the look out for you for the perfect item to hold your treasured pens. Check out our latest additions to our Pen Storage aisle for traditional and innovative solutions for keeping your favorite pens safe, sound and organized.


June 20, 2014 - Parker 45 fountain pens updated all around on the website today. Fountain pens, nibs and some general info about these great workhorse pens, too.

pkr 45

June 19, 2014 - Everyone loves Esterbrook desk sets, perfect for everyday use and easy to change the Renew Point to the point that is right for you! Check out our selection today.


June 17, 2014 - The Carter's Ink Co undoubtedly had some of the best advertising ever. Great graphics and illustrations just like those on their famous and very collectible ink bottles. We have a few newly listed Carter's vintage advertisements for you today. Typically, these never last long, especially the ones that feature everyone's favorite inky cats!


June 12, 2014 - Featured today on our Eversharp listings is a beautiful Wahl-Eversharp desk set complete with red and black hard rubber pen holder and desk pen. Great color and just an amazing set. Nice Pacemaker pencil from the late '30s also just listed today.


June 9, 2014 - Old fashioned well made paper punches, listfinders where you can write in addresses, antique inkwells and a wide range of other period desk tops items await YOUR period desk! Lots to choose from and new items listed today in our Inkwells & Desk Top aisle.


June 5, 2014 - Our Vintage Advertising Mission continues! Our goal is to sell 365 vintage advertisements in 2014. We're a little over a third of the way to our goal and we thank each of you who have purchased vintage pen and ink advertisements thus far this year. We've been featuring select advertisements each week on Inky Greetings and regularly adding new advertisement listings to the website. The selection is vast!

Today, we have for you a batch of Waterman Ideal advertisements dating back as far as 1890 with the newest one being from the 1930s. Click on over and pick out a few vintage advertisements today, they look great framed!


June 4, 2014 - Great group of Sheaffer Pens fresh up on the website for you today. Lots of Targas in different writing modes, School fountain pens and an unusual 1950s Sentinel styled click ballpen. Come browse our extensive vintage Sheaffer Pen offerings today!


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