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We continue to add new listings of antique dip pen nibs. The listings are being updated about once a month and sometimes more often than that. If there is a particular antique dip pen nib you're interested in and it is not listed here feel free to email us and we'll check our nibs waiting to go up on the website.

We do not sell any modern dip pen nibs, if you want current production dip pen nibs you will not find them here. Our nibs are all new old stock antique nibs that are clean and rust-free. Older nibs were made much better with far more attention to detail than current production nibs.

Some people collect nibs just to gather together all of the different ones. Other people purchase these dip pen nibs to use. You may notice what look to be duplicates, however, if you look closely, there is actually a difference in some way or another. We tried very diligently to separate by exact imprint in the manufacturer's name and the nib imprint description. If you are ordering a specific nib with a specific imprint, please include as much information as possible on your order form, so that we are sure to include the correct nibs with your order.

If you're just starting out with a dip pen, you may want to consider one of dip pen nib assortments located on our Dip Pens section of the website. These are a great way to experiment with several different nibs and get a better feel for which you prefer. Some of the assortments even come with a complimentary vintage dip pen!

Esterbrook Stick Pin - Limited Supplies!

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Before the days of fountain pens the writing instrument of choice was steel pen nibs. We offer one of the largest selections of vintage steel pen nibs in the United States. We have nibs for collectors as well as nibs for calligraphers, artists and everyday use. 

Certain nibs, particularly those used for copperplate are in high demand. 

If you have a need for a particular style of nib, please let us know and we will notify you when it becomes available. You can also request that updated lists of steel pen nibs be emailed to you directly. 

If you're looking for Gillott's Principalities or Zanerian Finewriters, don't hold your breath :-)

Please choose the first letter of the name of the Manufacturer of the Nib you are looking for.
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Manufacturer Point # Imprint on Nib Color Quantity Available Type Price per Nib
Eugene Adcock 455 Sheffield Series Nickel Alloy Somerville, Mass. silver 43 firm med $1
Australian 9 1st Class Made in England grey steel 2 flex fine $2
B.B. Co. 1 Standard Ex. Fine gray 99 EF $2
B.B. Co. 2 Standard School gray 16 flex medium $2
B.B. Co. 3 Standard Bank gray 60 medium $1
E.E. Babb 2 School, Made in U.S.A. gray 2 firm medium $2
Baers’ 114 Silvera Pen Canton, Ohio silver 38 firm medium $1
Baers’ 131 Silvera Pen Canton, Ohio silver 36 firm medium $1
Bank of England 208   silver 1 firm medium $1
Banque Canadienne Nationale 7   grey 1 .7mm stub $4
The Barion Pen Co. 40 Chicago, U.S.A. silver 2 firm med $2
The Barion Pen Co. 43 Chicago, U.S.A. silver 1 firm medium $2
The Barion Pen Co. 71 Chicago, U.S.A. silver 2 firm medium $2
Barker’s 101 Stormcrest Pen silver 1 medium $1
I.D. Belcher & Co. 617 Aluminum Pen, Birmingham silver 1 firm fine $1
Bell System 3   grey 2 1mm italic $3
Bell System 5   grey 3 firm fine $1
Bell System 10   grey w/reservoir 9 slight flex fine $2
Bentley’s 550 Engrossing grey 8 .8mm stub $2
Geo Billsons’s 2 Alloydium Pen grey 74 flex fine $2
Birmingham Pen Company 208 Silver Alloy, Boston Mass, Made in England silver 3 firm fine $1
Birmingham Pen Company 217 Silver Alloy, Boston, Mass England silver 35 flex fine $1
Birmingham Pen Company 223 Silver Alloy, Boston, Mass England silver 22 flex fine $1
Blackbird 05 Amalgam Surrogate Stub gray 2 .6mm stub $5
Blymer Bros 5 Alloyed-Silver gray 12 medium $1
Walter B. Bogue Pen Co 112 Silver-Quill Buffalo, N.Y. silver 2 medium $1
C. Brandauer & Co’s. 134 Post Pen Birmingham England bronze 13 very broad flex $2
C. Brandauer & Co’s 570 Queens Own Birmingham Made in England gold 3 .8mm stub $2
Brause & Co. Iserlohn   gray 3 .6mm stub $2
Brause & Co. 7 Rustica Iserlohn (engraved rooster) gray 55 slight flex left oblique $2
Brause & Co. 50 Iserlohn Pfannenfeder (rooster imprint) silver 112 broad stub $2
Brause & Co. 180 1 m/m Iserlohn bronze 27 1mm italic $2
Brause & Co. 180 1 m/m Iserlohn (w/reservoir) bronze 3 1mm italic $3
Brause & Co.   ”Cito-Fein” Iserlohn (rooster imprint) gray 78 firm medium $2
The Brooks Co’s 4 Carbon bronze 7 .7mm stub $2
Brown’s 2 College Pen, England bronze 2 firm fine $1
C.P.F. 020EF Augusta bronze 1 flex fine $3
Caldwell-Sites Co. 088 Roanoke, VA. gray 1 medium $1
Celebrated Pen   (embossed J) black 28 broad stub $2
Cervantinas 1946 Dinamica gray 73 medium $2
Champion 20 Bank bronze 2 flex fine $2
Champion   College Pen grey 141 flex fine $2
Champion   Stub bronze 38 1.3mm $2
H.P. Copp’s 30 Old Reliable Caledonian silver 2 medium $2
Corporation 118 Silver Plated silver 55 responsive medium $1
J. Crawford’s 54 Old Reliable Book-Keepers Pride grey 5 extra fine $2
J. Crawford’s 83 Old Reliable Splendid grey 35 responsive fine $2
J. Crawford’s 240 Old Reliable Spell Well Made in England silverine 1 firm fine $2
DeWitt & Sinclair N25 Improved Amalgam grey 1 firm medium $1
Draughon’s   Perfect Pens grey 1 extra flex extra fine $3

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