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Updated August 1, 2021

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Miscellaneous Mechanical Pencils

MI1585  $15

Autopoint Mechanical Pencil, ca. 1960s, large diameter black faceted barrel, white at top of barrel below eraser, bright chrome trim.  Twist to extend 1.1mm diameter lead, manual repel. Barrel is imprinted in white:  PEMCO CORPORATION BALTIMORE 24, MD, the white at top is imprinted with blue and red PEMCO logo.  Measures 5.75 inches long.  Eraser is dry.  Very good condition. 



MI1743  $50

Zaner Bloser Mechanical Pencil, Desk style, no clip, wood, bright red with white metal center section, Twist to extend 1.1mm dia lead, manual repel.  Measures 6.25 inches long.  There is a hole at the barrel end which may have once held an eraser, but at only 1/8 inch diameter it would have been a very small eraser!  Marked at top of barrel:  ZABCO COLS, O. PAT APPLD FOR. This is the only ZB pencil we have ever seen in this style, I suspect it was one of the earliest models, probably ca. late 1920s.   It was too early for pencils to have a grippy center section, I suspect they used the center metal piece to hold in the upper and lower sections of the red pencil.  A little of the red painted finish is missing at the top, otherwise very good condition.


MI1843  $40

Desk Style Mechanical Pencil, ca. 1940s, bright red bakelite, white metal ferrule, twist to extend and retract 1.1mm diameter lead. Measures 5.5 inches. Nice, even color and in excellent condition.

Vintage Pencil Sharpeners - A Must Have for Your Vintage Pencils!

Collectible Woodcase Pencils -

Wood pencils may very well be the most user friendly writing instrument in the world! Generally non-toxic, wood pencils are leak-proof, can delete your errors and are not subject to electronic snafus. Not to mention they are inexpensive and easy to acquire. A wood pencil can write on average a line abut 35 miles long - about 45,000 words. A sharpened pencil point can withstand writing pressure of about 3700 pounds of pressure per square inch before breaking off.

Early references to graphite date back to around 1564 when plumbago was discovered by shepherds and used to mark their flocks. In 1779 K.W. Scheele in Sweden discovered that plumbago was a form of carbon and named it graphite. In 1662, Friedrich Staedtler opened a pencil shop in Nurnberg, Germany. Kaspar Faber first commercially produced pencils in 1765 in Stein, Germany by binding graphite with Bavarian clay. Faber Castell continues to make pencils and other writing instruments today. Other early pencil inventors were Corte of France and Hardtmuth of Austria who worked on perfecting the graphite composition. Today, many of the early formulas for graphite are still in use by pencil makers.

MI1277 It's a Pencil! Kinda' - Sorta' $10

The imprint reads: It's Fun to be Fooled But Not on Service or Quality. For Advertising Specialties call Bob Burdette VA-2-1740 Quincy Ill Representing Douglas L Mains Co Wheaton Illinois. Looks EXACTLY like a yellow wood pencil, but it is made of a soft rubber material that can be sharpened, measures 5 7/8 inches long. Excellent condition.

Vintage Pencil Clips -

Listed below are vintage accommodation clips which provided an easy solution to clipping your wood pencil in your pocket. Many of these clips will expand enough to also slide over some fountain pen caps.

Pencil Leads - Refilling your Vintage Mechanical Pencils

Most mechanical pencils made before the late 1960s and some even after that are refilled by feeding lead in from the Point End. Those that feed from the barrel (below the eraser) are a fairly modern invention! Don't be fooled by leads in the barrel, in older pencils, that was simply a space to store a few extra leads, but that's it - just storage. As always with vintage writing instruments, exceptions will crop up!

Pencil Refill Instructions - The instruction below are from a Sheaffer package insert, but apply to most older mechanical pencils.

We carry a variety of pencil leads - click here.


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