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Updated August 1, 2021

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Sometimes, we have interesting writing related collectibles and useful objects that we just don't quite know where to put on the website! The Pen Paraphernalia Page is the place to find them. Check back often, you just never know what might turn up here.

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Pen Paraphernalia

Scratch Knife Erasers

Scratch Knife Ink Erasers were primarily used in the days before rubber erasers were invented, to scrape or scratch your mistakes away. Height of popularity was from early 1800s until they started to lose favor in the 1930s. I've seen reference to them as late as the early 1970s in an Alvin Drafting Supplies catalogue for use as a sharp implement to carefully remove ink from drafting paper. Ink eraser blades are spade or half-spade shaped, honed on each side, Handles are also a mix of materials although most are wood, note that many of the handles, sometimes referred to as hafts were very thin along the edges and especially toward the end - they served a dual purpose as a paper knife, what we might refer to as a letter opener today. In addition, some had handles that could serve as paper folders as well. Handy little writing tool! We have gently polished the blades and handles. We have not sharpened any of these, although some are quite sharp and have no need for sharpening. The main reason we have not tinkered with the blades is that we are not knife people and are not familiar with proper sharpening techniques for these. Our mantra is always to do no harm to old objects, when in doubt less is more.

Jewelry for Pen & Ink Aficionados

Pen Nib Earrings - Made with love by our friend, Barb, from new old stock vintage pen and dip pen nibs. These are all newly made, never worn before. Lots of different styles to choose from!

The necklaces below are all made from original writing equipment. Matching gold or silver plated 15 inch chain included with each piece. They are NOT in working order and would require odd parts or skills I do not possess which is why we have jewelry for you today! These are just nice to wear and let everyone know you are a writing aficionado!

Pen Pins

Dip Pen Nib Lapel Pins

The lapel pins have been hand crafted from antique dip pen nibs by Ariel Kullock in Argentina. Each dip pen nib pin has been highly polished and has a sturdy clasp on the back suitable for use as a lapel pin or a tie tack.

Other Items

P750 $5

Montblanc Stamps - Set of 10

A must for Montblanc aficionados! Reproduction self sticking stamps of the famous Montblanc advertising car, complete with pen on the top and snowcap hubcaps. Each stamp measures 1.5 x 1.25 inches and is done in sepia tones. Sold as a set of 10 stamps.

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