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Many pen collectors like to do their own repairs and are quite capable of doing so. However, if you are new to repairing vintage writing instruments, we strongly suggest that you proceed with caution. Start out with some junkers before you launch into restoring that recently acquired oversized Doric. Vintage pens are fragile relics of the past and it becomes more important all the time to try and preserve them in the best way known. If you are the least bit uncertain as to how to proceed with a repair, we recommend contacting a professional pen repair person.

In other words, please let your common sense prevail!

We carry most sizes of pen sacs and diaphragms. If you are unsure as to what size sac to order, feel free to email us for assistance.

Pen sac diameters are measured in 64ths of an inch. For example, a #14 size pen sac is 14/64 inch. All straight sacs are made long and can be easily trimmed with scissors to proper length.

Not Sure of Which Sac - Click Here To View Our Sac Charts

All pen sacs sold by Pendemonium are made exclusively by The Pen Sac Company

10 of the most popular sizes includes:
1 each of #14, #20
2 each of #15, #16, #17, #18

Please order by sac size number

#SAC-10 Pen Sac 10 $2
#SAC-10-10 Pen Sac 10, set of 10
Sorry, temporarily out of stock
#SAC-12 Pen Sac 12 $2
#SAC-12-10 Pen Sac 12, set of 10
Sorry, temporarily out of stock
#SAC-14 Pen Sac 14 $2
#SAC-14-10 Pen Sac 14, set of 10 $18
#SAC-15 Pen Sac 15 $2
#SAC-15-10 Pen Sac 15, set of 10 $18
#SAC-16 Pen Sac 16 $2
#SAC-16-10 Pen Sac 16, set of 10 $18
#SAC-16T Pen Sac 16T $2
#SAC-16T-10 Pen Sac 16T, set of 10
Sorry, temporarily out of stock
#SAC-17 Pen Sac 17 $2
#SAC-17-10 Pen Sac 17, set of 10 $18
#SAC-17-1/2N Pen Sac 17-1/2N $2
#SAC-17-1/2N-10 Pen Sac 17-1/2N, set of 10 $18
#SAC-18 Pen Sac 18 $2
#SAC-18-10 Pen Sac 18, set of 10 $18
#SAC-19 Pen Sac 19 $2
#SAC-19-10 Pen Sac 19, set of 10 $18
#SAC-20 Pen Sac 20 $2
#SAC-20-10 Pen Sac 20, set of 10 $18
#SAC-21N Pen Sac 21N $2
#SAC-21N-10 Pen Sac 21N, set of 10 $18
#SAC-22 Pen Sac 22 $2
#SAC-22-10 Pen Sac 22, set of 10 $18
#SAC-23N Pen Sac 23N $2
#SAC-23N-10 Pen Sac 23N, set of 10
Sorry, temporarily out of stock

Diaphragms for Parker Vacumatics and 51s

#DIA-STD Standard Diaphragm $3
#DIA-STD-10 Standard Diaphragm, set of 10 $27
#DIA-DEB Debutante Diaphragm $3
#DIA-DEB-10 Debutante Diaphragm, set of 10 $27
#DIA-OS Oversize Diaphragm $3
#DIA-OS-10 Oversize Diaphragm, set of 10
Sorry, temporarily out of stock

Sacs for Waterman Ink Vue Pens

#IV-FS Full Size Ink Vue Sac $3
#IV-FS-10 Full Size Ink Vue Sac, set of 10 $27
#IV-LP Lady Patricia Ink Vue Sac $3
#IV-LP-10 Lady Patricia Ink Vue Sac, set of 10 $27

Pli-Glass Sacs for Parker 51 Aerometric Pens


Pli-Glass sacs for Parker 51 Aerometric fountain pens. These newly made sacs are exact reproductions of the original long lasting, super durable Parker Pli-Glass sacs. These may stain with highly pigmented inks, just like the old Pli-Glass sacs. Not recommended for celluloid pens.
#SAC-16-PG Pli-glass Ink Sac $3
#SAC-16-PG-10 Pli-glass Ink Sac, set of 10 $27

Sac Spreader
Based on an original Parker design. If you have fumbly fingers, a sac spreader can make installing a sac much easier!

Pen Sacs - Other Uses!

Aside from using pen sacs as their intended purpose, they have a few other useful alternative purposes as well!

Use a rubber sac to oxidize your sterling silver pens in recessed areas, the Parker 75 sterling cisele pen is a good example. The rubber sac and the gas it produces is a slow way to oxidize sterling silver. This is much easier and controllable than getting the pen completely black with liver of sulfur solution.

A #22 sac is a snug fit, but can be worked on around the cap and/or barrel of a 75 FP or RB, easy fit for BP or MP. The #23 1/2N sac slides over the FP & RB easiest, BUT, the neck of the sac has to be trimmed off first so it will fit. The 22 sacs are about 3 inches long, so one on each end of pen fits over FP, RB, BP or MP. The 23 1/2N when cut is only 2.25 inches, so it would take 3 of them to completely cover any instrument, the one in the center would need to be cut open at both ends.

While totally non-pen related, the smaller sized sacs, usually #10, #12 and #14 are used by model airplane enthusiasts for fuel tanks!

Pen Sacs Repair Supplies Nibs & Parts
Repair Books Pencil Leads Ink Removers

Click on book for details

Da Book - Guide to Fountain Pen Repairs

Frank Dubiel, spiral bound. Everything you wanted to know about repairing vintage fountain pens & probably a few things you didn't want to know, too! Whether you're just starting out with pen repairs or have been at it for awhile, this book has lots of helpful hints.

Click on the book for full details

Eversharp Service Manual 1937

Repair Manual Reprint of an original 1937 Eversharp manual with additional notes by Frank Dubiel

Click on the book for full details

Pen Sacs Repair Supplies Nibs & Parts
Repair Books Pencil Leads Ink Removers



We're convinced that Amodex was made especially for people who must fiddle with pens. Amodex will get out all of the self inflicted ink stains on your fingers and your clothes when you have finished repairing your pen! Amodex will also take care of all those accidental ink stains that look like Rorschach tests on your pocket!
Specially formulated to remove ink and other stains from skin, fabric & many other surfaces. Non-toxic, contains lanolin. Amodex is a soap, not a solvent.

AMO-10023 Amodex 1 OZ bottle with brush $8.50

Amodex maintains an excellent Stain Solutions page about their ink remover. Click here to learn just what Amodex can do!

Blotting Paper
Don't Forget the Blotting Paper!

Handy to have around whether you are doing repairs or just writing a letter! High grade 110LB absorbent blotting in white, each sheet measures 4 x 9 inches. This is not the flimsy cardboard-like paper some people are passing off as blotting paper these days!

BLOT Blotting Paper, pack of 4 sheets
Sorry, temporarily out of stock
BLOT25 Blotting Paper, pack of 25 sheets
Sorry, temporarily out of stock
BLOT50 Blotting Paper, pack of 50 sheets
Sorry, temporarily out of stock

Pen Sacs Repair Supplies Nibs & Parts
Repair Books Pencil Leads Ink Removers

Pencil Leads

Click Here for Pencil Leads

We have moved the pencil leads you used to find right here to our new Pencil Leads page, which is part of our Inks and Refills section. Check out this section which has bottled inks, cartridges, ballpoint and roller ball refills and those leads you came looking for!

Pen Sacs Repair Supplies Nibs & Parts
Repair Books Pencil Leads Ink Removers

Odds & Ends Repair Stuff!

Section Pliers
Coated section pliers for safely removing sections from barrels.
Knock Out Block
Solid wood, steel plate over 4 different hole diameters, includes 4 steel rods to knock out feed & nib units and a convenient place to store the rods at end of knock out block. Necessary tool for removing feed and nib units from vintage pen sections.
Vacumatic Block
For removing the threaded filler unit in Parker 51 and Vacumatic fountain pens. Includes wrench for tightening the block. Measures 2.5 inches long x .5 inch wide x .75 inch high. Precision threaded to match original Parker threads on Vacs and 51s.
Pure silicone grease, about 1/3 ounce in plastic container, for lubricating Touchdown tubes, plunger rods, o-rings, and other things!
Orange Shellac
for adhering pen sacs. 15 cc glass bottle with applicator brush in cap.
Pen Picks
Stainless steel pick for removing dried up sacs and gentle probing of pen barrels. Perfect for reaching deep into pen barrels. Slight variations as shown in the photo, but all work great for pen repairs. We will select for you.

$5 each
Sac Forceps
These are the best tool I have for remove those hard to reach bits of dried up or gummy old sacs in the bottom of a pen barrel. Narrow, so they easily fit in barrel, just the last half inch of the forceps opens and closes. Overall length is 7.75 inches including handle, length of forceps is 5 3/8 inches.
Sac Forceps
Magnifying Loupe - 10
You must be able to see what you are doing! 10X magnifying loupes, stainless steel casing, double lens for clarity, lens is 18mm diameter.
Simichrome Polish
Fine polishing paste for hard rubber, celluloid, plastics, gold, silver and many other metals. Not for use on plated finishes. 1.76 oz tube.
Grit Paper
For fine finishing work on pen exteriors and polishing iridium on nibs. Assortment of 4 different grades - 1000, 1500, 2000 and 2500. One sheet of each grade per package. Each sheet is 5.5 X 9 inches.
Sorry, temporarily out of stock
Zip Seal Bags
2 mil plastic zip seal bags for temporary storage of pens or pen parts. Bag measures 2 x 8 inches. These come in handy for keeping together all the parts of the pen you started to repair this evening, but didn't have time to finish! 100 per package.
Note: Pen NOT included!
Cotton Pen Wipes
Lint free cotton wipes are great for wiping ink off nibs and other places it shouldn't be! Wipes are lint free. If you've visited our ink testing station at a pen show, these are the same wipes we use there. Each measures 4x4 inches, 100 per package.
Cotton Pen Wipes
Polishing Cloth
Polishing cloth for gold, copper, silver, brass, nickel. Perfect for gently polishing and shining metal trim on pens. Two part cloth: Inner cloth impregnated with rouge for polishing, Outer yellow cloth for buffing to a high sheen. Measures 6 x 6 inches.
Polishing Cloth
Inner Cap Puller
The best inner cap puller on the market today! Made by Peter Amis of the Pen Sac Company. Will removed most innercaps from Fountain Pens made from the early 1900s - 1950s. Five different sized and interchangeable collets included to fit most every pen cap size. Complete instructions for use included.
Available by Special Order 

Pen Sacs Repair Supplies Nibs & Parts
Repair Books Pencil Leads Ink Removers


Pen Parts

Replacement O-rings, Point Seals and Packing Unit Seals

for Sheaffer Snorkels, PFMs, Touchdowns and Sheaffer & Eversharp Plunger Filler Fountain Pens

O-rings for pneumatic-fillers (fit into the end of the barrel, making an airtight seal with the plunger), made of long-lasting ethylene-propylene.

Ethylene-propylene seals should last at least twice as long as those made of ordinary rubber, which are vulnerable to oxidization, and especially the effects of ozone. Use only with pure silicone grease, keep away from petroleum-based lubricants which you shouldn't use in the first place!

ORING-SM Fits Sheaffer Snorkels, most Sheaffer Touchdowns, Sheaffer Imperials $1 each
ORING-SM-10 Fits Sheaffer Snorkels, most Sheaffer Touchdowns, Sheaffer Imperials, pack of 10 $9
ORING-LG Fits Sheaffer PFMs, Sheaffer 1949 fat first-year Touchdowns and Sheaffer Touchdown Tuckaways $1 each
ORING-LG-10 Fits Sheaffer PFMs, Sheaffer 1949 fat first-year Touchdowns and Sheaffer Touchdown Tuckaways, pack of 10 $9

Point seals for Sheaffer Snorkels and PFMs (fit inside nib/section assembly, sealing around the extending filler tube) made of long-lasting ethylene-propylene.

Ethylene-propylene seals should last at least twice as long as those made of ordinary rubber, which are vulnerable to oxidization, and especially the effects of ozone. Use only with pure silicone grease, keep away from petroleum-based lubricants which you shouldn't use in the first place!

Point seals
PSEAL-SM Fits Sheaffer Snorkels $2 each
PSEAL-SM-10 Fits Sheaffer Snorkels, pack of 10
Sorry, temporarily out of stock
PSEAL-LG Fits Sheaffer PFMs $2 each
PSEAL-LG-10 Fits Sheaffer PFMs, pack of 10 $18

Packing unit seal gaskets for plunger-fillers (replace original innards of Sheaffer or Eversharp packing units) made of fluorocarbon rubber for maximum durability and chemical resistance.

Fluorocarbon seals are extremely durable, resisting wear & weathering far better than standard synthetic rubber seals. Estimated lifespan in industrial settings is up to 20 years, versus 2 to 5 years for butadiene.

Point gaskets
PGASKET Fits Sheaffer and Eversharp plunger fillers $1 each
PGASKET-10 Fits Sheaffer and Eversharp plunger fillers, pack of 10 $9

Precision-cut styrene closure washers to complete plunger-filler gasket installation, resealing the packing unit.

Closure Washer
CWASHER Fits Sheaffer plunger fillers $1 each
CWASHER-10 Fits Sheaffer plunger fillers, pack of 10 $9


Turn your early Sheaffer ballpens into
working pens again!

Sheaffer Stratowriter
Photo of original style Sheaffer Stratowriter ballpoint pen refill. If your Sheaffer ballpoint has one of these inside, then you can use the handy Widget to retrofit your pen to use current Sheaffer ballpoint pen refills!

Early Sheaffer ballpoint pens used a large aluminum tube cartridge that was discontinued in the early 1950s. For a short period of time, Sheaffer made brass adaptors so that the current style BP refills could be used. Those ran out years ago and there was no way to retrofit the older Sheaffer Ballpens with a new refill.

We now have newly made solid brass Sheaffer BP widgets so you can turn your older BPs into working pens again. Remove the old BP tube cartridge, screw in one of the brass widgets, add a spring in end of barrel and use a current production Sheaffer BP refill. It's that simple! What could be better than using a 1940s vintage BP?

WIDGET Sheaffer brass BP adaptor $10

NOTE: Info below on using the Sheaffer widget in a Stratowriter:

The old Sheaffer Sratowriter ballpoints are a little trickier to turn into working ballpoints again, but with some minor modification to a current production Sheaffer ballpoint refill, it can be done.

The little blue top piece on the top of the current Sheaffer BP refill is just a tad too small and gets hung up in the mechanism of the Stratowriter inside the clicker button. However, the blue flat piece on the previous black plastic style refills works perfectly.

If you get a Sheaffer BP widget for your Stratowriter, you will need one of the old black plastic refills with the flat blue top piece. Then, just remember to pull the blue piece off the plastic refill and replace the one on a new metal refill for your Stratowriter.

Panache Calligraphy Nib Units

Panache Nib Unit

New old stock nib units for Panache Calligraphy Pen.

PAN-NIB-2 Panache Nib Unit, Left Hand Fine, fine point $5
PAN-NIB-4 Panache Nib Unit, Broad point $5

Fountain Pen Nibs


Sengbusch DipaDay No.11 fountain pen nib, stainless steel, left oblique point is 1mm prox. Length: 31mm, Shoulder width: 7.8mm, Shaft width at base: 6.3mm Half Moon vent hole. Note: Sengbusch called this an italic nib, it is not tipped and makes a crisp line. New old stock, never used and in mint condition.
$2 each

Osmiroid Fountain Pen Nib Unit, Made in England, black section with gold plated Italic Music nib marked: Osmiroid B4 England. Nib width is 2.3mm. This is a Triple Tine Nib. Used, but not abused and in excellent condition.
$20 each

Parts supplies are limited!
DPF-GP Dip Pen Ferrule - Use these to replace worn ferrules on your dip pens or add a handle and make your own dip pen! These are new stock, recently reproduced from original specs. Gold electroplated finish. Measures 1.5 long and is .25 inch diameter. Will hold most styles of steel dip pen nibs. This model slides over a dip pen handle end.
$10 each or
2 for $18
BP caps

Lot of 14 plastic ballpoint caps with push button at top. Includes 7 pastel blue, 5 bright red, 1 ivory and 1 kelly green. No mechanisms or clips - just the outer cap assembly. Length is 1.75 in, dia at opening is 5/16 inch.
SHF-CHAIN Sheaffer Desk Set Chain, original old stock of nickel finished beaded chain, 27 inches long. Never used and in new condition. Limited Supplies Available.
Sheaffer Chain

Sheaffer Balance Fountain Pen Cap, roseglow celluloid with chrome trim, single cap band, Humped flat ball style clip with Sheaffer'S engraved. Cap diameter is 11.6mm. Length is 58.2mm. Very good condition.
21 aerometric filler units $5
21 Octanium nibs, fine $10
21 Clutch Rings $2

Parker 21 Fountain Pen Cap, matte steel with bright steel clip and and clip screw. 61.5mm length. 12.1mm diameter at open end. Marked on cap edge: Parker Made in USA. No dings or dents, minimal wear if any.

Parker 41 Aero Barrel, Burgundy, 81mm length, excellent condition.

Parker Duofold Junior Ebonite Feed, Finned style. Excellent condition. (several avail)
$5 each

Parker Duofold Junior Ebonite Feed, Christmas Tree style. Excellent condition. (several avail)
$5 each

Parker Duofold Streamline Short Special, black & Pearl, Ring top - Includes cap, ring top assembly, barrel, section, Christmas tree feed, Parker 14KT gold Duofold nib medium point. No blind cap, no pressure bar. Barrel is quite ambered, cap less so. Very nice nib and section.

Vintage English brass pressure bars. Each pressure bar measures 2.25 inches long and is 3/16 inches wide. Pack of 5 pressure bars.

Pen Sacs Repair Supplies Nibs & Parts
Repair Books Pencil Leads Ink Removers

Searching for vintage pen parts is not an easy task, in fact it can be downright frustrating at times! Feel free to email us about parts you're looking for and we'll be happy to check our stocks. Please include as many details as possible.

You might also want to take advantage of the online pen forums where you can post a list of pen parts you are looking for. These three online pen forums are well read and very active: - this is a listserve that requires free registration to receive the Zoss Pens List emails and is the oldest pen list on the Internet.

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