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Esterbrook Stick Pin - Limited Supplies!

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Vintage Dip Pens Specialty Dip Pen Nibs

Vintage Dip Pens


Hunt Crow Quill Dip Pen Holder, dark brown plastic. Measures 5.5 inches long. Hunt No. 108 Crow Quill nib. Nib new old stock, never used, dip pen holder in very good condition.

Carter’s Ink Company miniature dip pen, black plastic, Carter’s embossed on holder, fit with a Signature No. 6 gold plated nib with extra fine point. Measures 3.25 inches long. These pens were used for testing ink in pen shops. Excellent condition.

Coca Cola Advertising Dip Pen, Painted red and blue-green wood, dip pen is marked Delicious Refreshing on either side of the Coca Cola script logo. Fit with new old stock antique anodized blue dip pen nib, Spencerian No. 13 Engrossing Pen, flexible 1.0mm stub. Measures 7 3/8 inches long. The deep blue-green paint at taper end of this rare Coca Cola dip pen is crazing, Coca Cola imprint weak, but still easily readable.

Palmer Method Certificate - Original Palmer Method Certificate for Improvement in the Palmer Method of Business Writing is dated January 22, 1927. The certificate was awarded to Edmund Schmitt and it states that Edmund has been a diligent pupil in the study, and practice of the Palmer Method of Business Writing and is entitled to this Student's Award for improvement in Rapid, Legible Business Writing Given at Chicago Ill. It is embossed with the Palmer Corporate Cedar Rapids, Iowa in the lower left corner and signed by A.N. Palmer. Framed certificate measures 11 x 14 inches. Very good condition.

Dip Pen Set - White Porcelain Four Pen Holder with pink roses and soft green accents. Once a toothbrush holder, it now gracefully holds four different dip pens. Base measures 3 inches diameter, height is 4 inches. Four dip pens included:
    - Black wood contour, Esterbrook No. 968 silver steel Radio nib, firm, fine point.
    - Natural wood with artsy purple rings, DeHaan No. 35 gold plated aluminum nib, flexible extra fine-medium point.
    - Wood contoured grip dip pen re-painted to deep purple, Hunt No. 72 grey steel Round Pointed Two Line Pen writes a double line.
    - Wood straight taper, re-painted a soft shade of green, Esterbrook No. 127 Medium Double Spring grey steel, flexible extra fine-broad point.

Dip Pen Set - Blue Swirl Pottery Three Pen Holder, soft shades of blue. Comes with three different dip pens. Holder is 3.5 inches at widest point, height is 3 inches. Three dip pens included:
    - Wood straight taper with black grip, wood has been re-painted turquoise, Russia Moheta No. 29 Engrossing, grey steel, 0.8mm responsive stub point.
    -Wood contour shape with black grip, taper has been repainted red and silver, Esterbrook No. 313 grey steel nib, flexible 1.0mm italic point.
    - Black wood straight taper, Joseph Gillotts No. 604EG Double Elastic nib, extra fine, extra extra flexible point.

Dip Pen Set - Sweet Double Basket with Handle Double Pen Holder, soft green with gold metallic floral design. Come with two different dip pens. Oval base measures 2 5/8 x 2 1/8 inches at widest points, height is 5.25 inches. Two dip pens included:
    - Wood straight taper with etched brass grip, re-painted spring green, DeHaan No. 35 gold plated aluminum nib, flexible extra fine-medium point
    - Wood straight taper with brass trim at nib end, re-painted spring green, Esterbrook No. 314 Relief gold plated nib, 0.7mm firm italic.

Bone Handle Dip Pen with hand painted floral design on taper, steel grip with engraved wavy lines. Vintage Nib: Rock Island System No. 2, blue anodized steel, flexible fine-broad point. Measures 8 inches long. The painting on this dip pen handle would have once been very intricate and elegant, it is worn, but you can still appreciate the design. There are some black in stains at the very end of the taper.

Redware Inkpot Quill Holder with Hand Cut Quill Pen - This Ink Pot and Quill Holder is glazed a deep Tuscan red color over red pottery. Large center hole is 1 in diameter, 5 smaller holes for quills are each about 0.25 inch. Base diameter is 3 inches, height is 2 inches. Nice and stable. Signed on the base: JFP '99. We're including a hand cut turkey quill, the quill has been dipped and has a little bit of black ink stain at the point end, but still has much use remaining and can be re-cut many times. Very good condition.



Sterling Silver Desk Set with Bakelite Dip Pen - Obviously, not an original match between the desk set and dip pen, but they make a good set together and sometimes you just need a home for your favorite dip pen! Creamy butterscotch bakelite dip pen is fit with a gold plated fountain pen nib and hard rubber feed. Firm fine-medium point. This nib assembly will hold a lot of ink, far more than regular dip pen nibs and write for nearly a full page. Dip Pen measures 6.75 inches long. The sterling silver base is marked on the bottom: Revere Silversmiths Sterling Reinforced with Concrete (that would be to weight the base) 652. Pen holder swivels 360 degrees. Base measures 3.75 inches diameter. The Dip Pen is in very good condition. There are multiple very shallow little pin pricks on the top surface of the base, I'm thinking a previous owner may have unceremoniously had a bad habit of tapping his pen into the top of the base. Otherwise it is quite spiffy! Priced for the pen and the sterling.



Stunning figural quill in hand Pen Holder - complete with red fingernails, the hand holds a quill with metallic gold detailing on the feathers and raised soft pink roses. Just a gorgeous piece that was intended to be a vase but is perfect for the dark green vintage dip pen we have included. Dip Pen is fit with an F.E. Wood Boston "The Correct" large steel dip pen nib with a responsive medium point. Quill in Hand holder measures 2.25 x 4 inches at widest base points, height is 3.5 inches. Dip Pen is 8 inches long. Marked Japan on base. Very good condition.

Dip Pen Set - We found some pencil cases with a snap closure and have filled them with Dip Pen goodness that you can take with you anywhere or just keep it together in one place in your writing desk drawer. The colorful plastic cases have a snap closure and the inner tray pulls out for easy access to writing supplies. Included in the set is a grey contoured plastic dip pen with a faceted and ribbed gripping section. We're also including TEN different antique dip pen nibs - each is new old stock, never used and never dipped before. The Dip Pen Nib assortment includes one each of the following:
    Spencerian No. 13 Engrossing Pen, black finish, 0.9mm stub
    Hunt No. 97 Bronze Falcon, round pointed, slightly flexible, fine point
    Esterbrook No. 126 Double Spring, extra fine - extra flexible
    Eagle No. E830 Bowl nib, firm fine
    Esterbrook No. 344 Double Line Ruling Pen (writes a double line)
    Spencerian No.2 Counting House, flexible fine
    Esterbrook No. 456 Business & College, flexible medium
    Esterbrook No. 442 Falcon, 0.7mm italic
    Hunt No. 25 World Pen, gold plated, round pointed stub, 0.9mm
    Esterbrook No. 914 radio, responsive fine

We'll also include a pamphlet with info on how to prime and care for your antique dip pen nibs as well as a listing of the nibs included in this assortment as well as some of our extra thick old fashioned blotting paper.

Cases are in assorted colors, you can make a request and we'll try to sort it out, but won't make any guarantees on the case color since it is the contents that really count! Several sets available at the time of listing.


Dip Pen Set - This set includes 1 vintage wood straight taper dip pen, 1 small glass ink bottle with screw on lid, about 1/2 ounce capacity and four different antique dip pen nibs. Nibs included are:

1) Spencerian Engrossing Pen No. 13, black finish, 0.9mm stub
2) Esterbrook No. 126 Double Spring extra fine extra flexible
3) Hunt World No. 25 gold plated round pointed stub 0.9mm and
4) Rexall Drug F Responsive fine point.

Antique Dip Pen Nibs
Special Assortments, Boxed Nibs & Oddities!

Be sure to check out our extensive selection of antique dip pen nibs in our Dip Pen Nibs section! These have been recently updated and include many sought after nibs for both the calligrapher and the dip pen nib collector.

Bottle o' Nibs

Bottle o' Nibs
Photo shows representative sampling

We've filled a variety of ink bottles, some old and some new with an assortment of vintage steel dip pen nibs. Each bottle is filled with at least 30 new old stock antique nibs inside and the value of the nibs alone is between $30 - $50. Use the nibs in your dip pen or just enjoy the vintage appeal of these old nibs in a cool looking ink bottle on your desk. They're even heavy enough to use as a paperweight. Assorted style ink bottles, let us select one for you!

NIBBTL Bottle o'Nibs $20

Deluxe Nib Assortment

Deluxe Nib Assortment

Assortment of 5 different gold plated antique dip pen nibs. Nibs are new old stock, un-used and in mint condition.

DLXNIB Deluxe nib assortment

Copperplate Nib Assortment

Copperplate Nib Assortment

Assortment of 10 different nibs suitable for copperplate and ornamental style writing. Extra fine, very flexible points. Assortment of nibs included will vary.
CPNIBS Copperplate Nib Assortment $20

Spencerian Dip Pen Nib Assortment

The Spencerian Steel Pen Pen Co. was formed In 1858 as a subsidiary of the publisher Ivison Phinney Publishing Company and evolved in 1869 to Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor, & Co. The NYC company, served as a pen distribution company. They purchased nibs from an English manufacturer, having no factories of its own. The Spencerian pens were made in Birmingham by Sir Josiah Mason for Perry & Co.

Spencerian Nib Assortment

Assortment of 5 different antique Spencerian dip pen nibs includes:

  • No.  23   Falcon Pen, general purpose slightly flexible, bright silver steel
  • No.  28   Congressional Pen, Stub (1.0mm 7 degree stub), bright silver steel with embossed blue C
  • No.  34  Falcon Stub Pen, 0.9mm width
  • No.  42   Dome Pointed Pen, firm fine point, grey steel
  • No.  44   Invincible Dome-Point, firm fine point, large size, grey steel

Spencerian Dip Pen Nib Assortment, 5 nibs $10

Esterbrook Nib Assortment

Esterbrook Pens was created in 1856 by Robert Esterbrook and was the first company in the United States to make steel pen nibs. The company was originally called the United States Steel Pen Manufacturing Company, and the name was later changed to The Esterbrook Steel Pen Manufacturing Company. The company's success was largely due to the quality of the steel nibs. The nibs were versatile, long lasting, and were available in many different styles. The company was later launched in England as well. The last name the dip pens nibs were manufactured under was The Esterbrook Pen Company. In 1967, The Esterbrook Pen Company was taken over by the Venus Pencil Company.

Esterbrook Nib Assortment

Assortment of ten different Esterbrook vintage steel pen nibs.
Includes one each of the following:

  • No. 128 Extra Fine Elastic
  • No. 314 Relief, 7 degree left oblique
  • No. 788 Oval point, firm, medium
  • No. 913 Radio Pen, .9mm stub
  • No. 239 Chancellor Pen, firm broad
  • No. 702 School, medium firm
  • No. 805 Oval Point, medium
  • No. 930 Radio Pen, firm medium
  • No. 942 Radio Pen, medium stub
  • No. 1000 School, firm fine

ESTNIBS Esterbrook nib assortment $10

L.W. Holley Vintage Dip Pen Nib Set
Made in Des Moines, Iowa

holley nib set

Nice set of 7 different vintage dip pen nibs from L.W. Holley in Des Moines. Lots of variety for those of you who enjoy writing with a dip pen. Great little souvenir for Iowans, too.

All nibs are imprinted L.W. Holley, Des Moines Iowa and the name of the nib below. Each is new old stock and in perfect condition, never used. The set of 7 nibs includes:

    No. 2 Bank
    No. 8 Fine
    No. 10 Manifold
    No. 11 Arrow
    No. 12 Ideal
    No. 13 Silverine
    No. 14 Silverine Falcon
HOLLEYNIB Holley Nib Assortment - 7 Nibs $10

Hunt Pen Nib Assortment

The C. Howard Hunt Pen company was formed in 1899 in Camden, New Jersey. Hunt invented the smooth gliding round pointed pen, which took about 15 different steps to make. The factory was moved to Statesville, NC in 1958. One of the more famous nibs made by Hunt was The Speedball Pen, which could do thick and thin lines. Today, Hunt is still in business under the name Hunt Manufacturing Company, and sells many different office supply products.

Hung Pen Nib Assortment

An assortment of ten different Hunt vintage pen nibs manufactured in the US. Assortment includes:

  • X-24 Silverine
  • 4 Arrow round pointed
  • 24 Ledger
  • 21 Companion round pointed
  • X-38 Silverine
  • 97 Falcon round pointed
  • X-67 Silverine
  • X-515 Silverine
  • 513 Bowl pointed
  • B-1 Ross F George Speedball

HUNTNIBS Hunt Nib Assortment $10

Pen Nib Sampler!

Pen Nib Sampler

For those of you who want to experiment with a dip pen and steel nib and may not be quite sure which point you like best, we suggest our pen nib sampler. An assortment of 10 different mint condition antique dip pen nibs.

NIBASST Assortment of 10 Nibs $10

Figural and Unusual Antique Pen Nibs
Limited Supplies Available!
These are all in excellent condition

Dural No. 4

Dural No. 4
Copper finished steel nib, the copper finish is unusual and very eye-catching. Firm medium point.
Cervantinas 1940 nib

Cervantinas No. 1940
Dynamica, Spain - A very delicate shafted nib. Bright steel finish. Flexible fine point. Another unusual nib from Spain
Cervantinas 1940 nib

Camden, NJ, USA, Hunt Two Line Nib, round pointed, bright steel. Writes two lines with one stroke.

Esterbrook Nib Card - Esterbrook Drawlet Pens for Drawing & Lettering. This is a vintage one sided nib card in black and white featuring four Esterbrook Drawlet pens. Card measures 3 3/8 x 5 1/8 inches. Each nib is in perfect condition and the nib card is in excellent condition.

Esterbrook Display Card - R. Esterbrook Co. Pens. Styles and Varieties to Suit all Writers, Prizes Awarded Wherever Exhibited. Twelve different panels shows the process of how a pen is made from the flat piece of sheet steel to the finished product. The nib featured is Esterbrook's iconic No. 048. Measures 7 x 17 inches, heavy card printed in red, black and white on white. There is some light discoloration to a few of the examples. In the bottom row, the left two nibs are loose from their threading, in the second from the left bottom row, one nib is missing. Remainder of bottom row stitching is tight, as are the top two rows of pen examples. Top right hand corner torn, bend in lower left hand corner. Overall very good condition and this is truly a rare Esterbrook advertising piece.

Eagle Nib Card- Complete sample card of Eagle Popular School Pens includes nine different steel dip pen nibs made by the Eagle Pencil Company in New York. Nibs are threaded to the card and the threading is totally intact on the back side. Back side of card has lengthy printed information about Eagle's finest Steel and Silver Steel pens, precision machines and the best craftsmen in the industry. I particularly liked the line: Close inspection after each operation enables us to guarantee 144 perfect pens to every gross. Can you imagine being a nib inspector back in the day? These nibs were turned out by the millions! Not a job for me, but I'm glad someone did it because old vintage dip pen nibs are far superior to modern ones. Seems like a good guess that an Eagle representative gave these to the Kurtz Bros to be distributed to their customers since Kurtz Bros is stamped in the upper right corner. Card is yellow with dark red printing. As you can see in the photo there is some light aging to the card. A very nice example from Eagle. I'd date this card to no later than the 1930s.

Esterbrook 314 Relief box of 12 No. 314 gold plated dip pen nibs, italic point is 0.9mm prox. Made in England A useful collectible, nibs never used and in mint condition, box in very good condition.

Vintage Hunt Speedball Boxed Nibs - One dozen count red, black and white box holds 12 A-2 nibs. Square point (great for italics) is a very broad 2.3mm. Speedball nibs always come with a built in reservoir to hold extra ink. These are new old stock, never used, perfect condition. The boxes are even in very good condition.


Speedball Flicker Pens Display - This old wood display has a hinged glass top that lifts up by the small brass knob on the front edge. There are 8 separate sections inside for Speedball Flicker dip pen nibs, each is labeled with a small piece of heavy printed cardboard which is nailed to the display with small brads. The bright red Speedball signage on the glass is the original decal applied from the underside of the glass. I think you can see in the photo that a little bit of the gold part of the decal on the top edge is starting to peel away, the remainder of the decal is firmly attached and in excellent condition. The display measures 5.5 inches across, 9.5 inches deep, height at the front edge is 1.75 inches and height at the rear edge is 3 inches. The beige paint on the display is peeling away and very worn, we have left this as original. I wish I had more Flicker nibs to put in the display, but they're tough to find these days. We did have two different Flicker nibs, an FB-2 and FB-6 are included. Nice little display that is not often seen.

MacNiven & Cameron Nib Tin - Vintage English nib tin in bright yellow with black printing and a great illustration of the Waverley Red Ink Pen. Shows some normal signs of wear to the painted surface, but overall is quite nice. Measures 2 5/8 x 1 5/8 and is 7/8 inch high. Hinged lid. No nibs inside, this is just the tin.
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Hunt Dip Pen Nib Advertising Mailer - This is quite the elaborate piece mailed to solicit new dip pen nib customers. Die cut in the shape of a pen nib, it is a tri-fold with mailing info on one side, Hunt advertising on the reverse side and yet more Hunt advertising for round pointed dip pens on the inside. A smaller panel originally held four Hunt nibs, now two remain tucked inside their little cardboard holders, one No. 24 Ledger and one No. 55 Scholar. Hunt's return address is Camden NJ with 1 cent postage paid on Permit No. 8. It is hand addressed, in ink of course to W.A. Lee at the State Bank of Roseville, Ill with a handwritten notation from Mr. Lee, I assume: A good pen for every day use. I love the advertising jargon from days gone by when pictures were far and few in between and every word counted, one line reads: Do not think us vain when we tell you that the greatest improvements ever made in writing implements is embodied in Hunt's Round Pointed Pens. Measures 6 5/8 in x 2.5 in folded and 6 5/8 in x 7 in when flat. It does show some light wear on the edges, but considering it went from NJ to IL via the post office, I'd say it has survived very well!

Hunt’s Two Line Ruling Pen - Twelve double line ruling dip pen nibs on original green and yellow display card, very elegant graphics on the card. Manufactured by C. Howard Hunt Pen Co. Card measures 7.5 x 3.75 inches. There are two un-used elastics across the bottom of the card which would have once held a Hunt dip pen, unfortunately that is missing.

Eagle Steel Pens Bright Red and Yellow Art Deco card with five different Eagle dip pen nibs. Card reads: A Perfect Point for Every Purpose. 5 Styles Of Pens for 5 cents Eagle Pencil Co London New York Toronto. Dip pens nib points include: Falcon, Bulb, Fine, Stub and Medium. Card measures 2.5 x 4 inches. Excellent condition.
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C. Brandauer & Co Scribbler Pen with one Scribbler dip pen nib. Heavy white card with deckle edge printed in black ink. On the reverse side is a personal holiday note dated December 1997. I suspect this was a reproduction of a Brandauer ad or nib card and was used as a holiday card. Nibs are original nibs and very nice.

Joseph Gillott & Sons Ltd 5696 Contango dip pen nib. Heavy white card with deckle edge printed in black ink. On the reverse side is a personal holiday note dated December 1998. I suspect this was a reproduction of a Gillott’s ad or nib card and was used as a holiday card. Nib is original nib and very nice.



Esterbrook Steel Pens Sample Nib Card. Elaborate display card contains 29 different Esterbrook nibs threaded to the double sided foldover snap close display. Front flap is black leatherette embossed: The Esterbrook Steel Pen Mfg Co. First panel holds a black and white card marked: Samples of Lading Pens Made By The Esterbrook Steel Pen Mfg Co 99 John St, New York. Works: Camden NJ. There are 15 nibs threaded to this card, 3 nibs are missing. The second panel holds another white card marked with the same header and holds 13 nibs threaded to the card, 1 nib partially threaded in and is missing 4 nibs. The bottom panel is covered in a dark burgundy red velvet. The whole series of panels fold up so the velvet panel is in between the two nibs cards to protect the nibs. The nibs all appear to be un-used and in mint condition. There are some random pencil doodles on the white cards, the velvet is all intact, but well worn from being repeatedly folded and unfolded and pressed on by the nibs. Measures 3 3/8 x 8 inches when closed.

Esterbrook Commercial Pens Display Assortment Box, just the basics here - cardboard box display with 6 sections for Esterbrook No. 048, No. 128, No. 556, No. 313, No 788 and No. 442. Measures 5 5/8 inches square. No nibs, just the display box. A little rough, but still too nice to relegate to the back shelf!

Esterbrook Celebrated Steel Pens Display Box - Orange leatherette covered bottom, white cardboard sections for Judge’s Quill 312, Oval Point 788, Professional A1, Falcon 048, Vertical 570 and Relief No 314. Glass lid is no longer hinged. Gold metallic ornate border. Large center section in black with gold lettering. Measures 5 x 6.5 inches. The glass lid is intact and the top side of the display is in nice condition. However, missing 3 sides of the lid which would have been covered in matching orange leatherette. Not in great shape, but still a nice example.

Electric Pen Display Assortment Box - While perhaps not as well known as Esterbrook, Hunt, Spencerian and other big names, Electric was the name of a dip pen company. This is a pretty basic box with glass lid that is no longer hinged. Decorative gold foil remains on two sides. Nib compartments are cardboard. Sections are marked for Falcon No. 51. Extra Fine No. 52, School No. 53, Bank No. 54, Stub No. 55 and Falcon No. 51. Large center section in black with gold lettering. Measures 5.25 x 7.25 inches. Very unusual to find much of anything, even nibs from Electric.

Esterbrook Pens Wood Display Box - Excellent example of an old countertop display for Esterbrook Dip Pen Nibs. Solid wood with framed glass lid in a dark finish, bright red and metallic gold graphics at top and across front of display. Each compartment is identified by a long strip of printed brass attached to the wood dividers with small brads. Nibs originally displayed in this box were: 048 Falcon, 920 Radio Pen, 128 Extra Fine Elastic, 14 Bank, 313 Probate, 788 Oval Point, 988 Radio Pen, 314 Relief, 922 Inflexible, 442 Jackson Stub, 556 Advanced School and 956 Radio Pen. The framed glass hinged lid opens from left side of display and is held closed with a small hook and eye closure. Rear of display is open for storing full boxes of dip pen nibs. Measures 14 in wide by 13 in deep. Height at rear is 5 in, height at front edge of display glass door is 3.25 inches. There are small marks here and there on the wood portion of the display which would be typical of a store display. The red and gold graphics shows some light crazing to the pain, but overall are in very good condition. This display is in excellent condition.


Spencerian - Perry Solid Wood Steel Pens Wood Display Box - Framed display with pull out drawer with 16 different compartments for dip pen nibs. Glass top. When the drawer is pulled out you see a very old black and white lithograph of children in the school room. The left side reads: Spencerian Steel Pens. Established 1860. The Standard Pens for Expert Writers. The left side panel reads: Perry & Co London Steel Pens. Established 1824. Largest and oldest Pen Maker in the World. There are various numbers relating to Spencerian and Perry nibs on the wood dividers in the display box. Two turned wood knobs to pull our the drawer with compartments from rear. Lovely detailing on the top frame of the box and all of the sides. Measures 15.5 x 11.5 inches at base. Height is 3.25 inches. Excellent condition.

Speedball Steel Brush Nib No. E 3/8. New old stock in original small clear plastic box. Flexible 3/8 inch extra broad straight edge nib used for large lettering in posters and sign boards. Will fit into a standard dip pen holder. Older steel brush made by Hunt in Philadelphia. We'll include a reprint on a Speedball Steel Brush instruction and use sheet. Mint condition, never used.

Speedball Steel Brush Nib No. E 1/2. New old stock in original small clear plastic box. Flexible 1/2 inch extra broad straight edge nib used for large lettering in posters and sign boards. Will fit into a standard dip pen holder. Older steel brush made by Hunt in Philadelphia. We'll include a reprint on a Speedball Steel Brush instruction and use sheet. Mint condition, never used.


Hunt Speedball B-Set Vintage Dip Pen Nibs - New old stock red boxes of 6 Hunt Speedball B style dip pen nibs. B equates to a round nib in Speedball language. Also enclosed in the box is the original brochure with info on cleaning and caring for your nibs along with an old advertisement on one side for Speedball Inks. The set includes one each of:
B-0 (5.6mm)
B-1 (3.0mm)
B-2 (2.4mm)
B-3 (2.0mm)
B-4 (1.4mm)
and B-5 (1.1mm)
If you have been used to using modern Speedball nibs which are severely lacking in quality, you'll find these vintage Speedball nibs absolutely awesome to write with! They put modern dip pen nibs to shame, but then most modern dip pen nibs leave a little to be desired! We'll also include our set of instructions on how to prepare your dip pen nib for writing as well as care for it. Several boxes available at the time of listing.

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Hunt Speedball Vintage Boxed Nibs

Each box contains new old stock nibs, never used!

Limited Supplies Available!

Speedball Nibs

speedball_b4.jpg speedball_b12.jpg
NIB-HUNT-B1/2 Hunt Speedball B-1/2 dip pen nibs in red & black box, round style nib, 4.1mm, box of 12 nibs $15
NIB-HUNT-B-1 1/2-11 Hunt Speedball B-1 1/2 dip pen nibs in red & black box, round style nib, 4.3mm, box of 11 nibs $12
Dip Pen
Hunt mini nib box contains 10 Hunt-Speedball D-1 dip pen nibs. Oval point is 4.0mm wide. Silver steel dip pen nib with brass reservoir. Box originally held 12 nibs, 10 nibs remaining in mint condition.

Vintage Speedball B-4 Pens in Original Box - Great graphics and a lot of information printed on this small 12 pack sized box of Hunt Speedball nibs. B-4 dip pen nibs are a round point, approx 1.6mm diameter. Full box of 12 dip pen nibs.

Vintage Speedball B- 1/2 Pens in Original Box - Great graphics and a lot of information printed on this small 12 pack sized box of Hunt Speedball nibs. B- ½ dip pen nibs are a round point, approx 4.2mm diameter. Full box of 12 dip pen nibs.

PLEASE NOTE: New old stock antique pen nibs are finished with a very fine factory oil coating to prevent rust. It is invisible to see and rarely can it be felt, but nonetheless, it is there. Before using any of these old nibs, you must remove the factory oil coating so that ink will adhere better.

Place nibs in a pot of boiling water for about 30 seconds, remove and pat dry to prevent rust OR wipe each nib thoroughly with rubbing alcohol.

Keep your dip pens close at hand and well organized, too! Visit our Pen Storage department to view our current selection of vintage trays and holders for dip pens and fountain pens.

Pen Storage

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