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Updated August 8, 2020

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While computers are great and we at Pendemonium are glad you're using yours to read this, nothing tops a personal handwritten note.

Handwritten letters are saved and cherished over the years and serve as small bits of our own personal history. Email, texts - how many of those do you save for posterity? Probably not too many. Get your fountain pen inked up and start writing today.

Pendemonium strives to offer fountain pen and ink friendly stationery. The experience of a fine fountain pen gliding across a smooth piece of stationery is a thing of joy. We know some of you like a little"tooth" in your writing papers and we always make note of that in the items for sale here in our stationery aisle.

In a perfect world, every fountain pen would write equally well on every piece of paper it touches, however we do not live in a perfect world. Different pens have different flows, different inks offer up different behaviors as well. 

That combination of pen and ink may write perfectly one one type of paper and totally stall out or bleed profusely on another type.  

Be prepared to experiment with your pen, ink and paper choices - that just gives you another excuse to write with your fountain pens!

Let your fountain pen make a statement!

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Masters Collection

The Masters Collection features quality examples of hand drawn, ornate pictorial calligraphy also known as flourishing. Beauty and grace combine for a harmonious design. Notecards are printed on a fine linen paper, very suitable for fountain pen and drawing inks. Foldover card measures 4.5 x 6.25 inches. Printed and designed in the US by Ziller Studios. Each packet contains ten foldover notecards and matching envelopes.


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Flourished notecards, sepia on cream paper


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Flourished notecards, charcoal on dove grey paper


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Flourished notecards, plum on mauve paper

Other Stationery

We're always on the search for the odd and unusual, especially stationery, since there just isn't a lot of it being made anymore that works well with fountain pens.

From time to time we find fountain pen friendly stationery and when we find it, this is where it lands!

Hope you'll check back from time to time, you just never know what might turn up here.


Sealing Wax & Seals

"The Art of Sealing a Letter"

Do not begin by thrusting the end of the wax into the flame and conveying it in a flaming spatter to your envelope. Take plenty of time and hold the wax above the flame of the candle, but not near enough to burn; a burnt wax makes a streaky seal and is hard to manage. When the wax has gradually softened, apply it with a circular movement upon the place to be sealed, rub it around and down until you have a circle of proper size and thickness and apply the seal. The result should be a clear-cut impression.

These instructions were found in a wax seal boxed set from the early 1900's.

Today, sealing wax is used by lovers of refined correspondence and those who require sealing wax for special occasions such as wedding invitations, diplomas and certificates of distinction.

PLEASE NOTE! Most sealing wax placed on the outside of an envelope will not survive the trip through the postal service's automated mail handling equipment. Faux Wax, which is flexible and used with a mini hot glue gun, has a better chance than most for arriving intact, but even this can sometimes fall off while in the postal service's hands.

Eric Shackle in Australia has written a fun and informative article, To Talk of Sealing-Wax, about sealing wax and wax seals. We thought you may enjoy reading it, too.

Stationery Size Conversions

Several of the papers we sell are made in France. Across the Atlantic metric is standard for measurement. Below you will find conversion charts with measurements in both mm and inches.

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