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Sealing Wax

"The Art of Sealing a Letter"

Do not begin by thrusting the end of the wax into the flame and conveying it in a flaming spatter to your envelope. Take plenty of time and hold the wax above the flame of the candle, but not near enough to burn; a burnt wax makes a streaky seal and is hard to manage. When the wax has gradually softened, apply it with a circular movement upon the place to be sealed, rub it around and down until you have a circle of proper size and thickness and apply the seal. The result should be a clear-cut impression.

These instructions were found in a wax seal boxed set from the early 1900's

Today, sealing wax is used by lovers of refined correspondence and those who require sealing wax for special occasions such as wedding invitations, diplomas and certificates of distinction.


Faux sealing wax is all the rage! Flexible seals can survive mailing far better than than old fashioned sealing wax, so if the seal must go on the outside of an envelope, this wax is the one the use. Plus it's simple to use, no flame involved. Just pop a stick in your mini glue gun and squeeze out 6-10 seals per stick.

Beautiful colors and perfect for seals on Holiday Cards, Anniversary Announcements, Bridal Shower and Wedding Invitations, Birthday Cards, Gift Wrapping, Paper Embellishments and just about anything else you want to add a little touch of class to.

Faux Wax Sticks are 4" long and 0.28" diameter and can be used in low, high or dual-temperature MINI glue guns. Sold in sets of 5 sticks.

Faux Wax - Assorted

Faux Wax Sticks, varied Assorted Colors, pk of 5 sticks
Faux Wax - Green

Faux Wax Sticks, Dark Green, pk of 5 sticks
Faux Wax - Gold

Faux Wax Sticks, Gold, pk of 5 sticks
Faux Wax - Silver

Faux Wax Sticks, Silver, pk of 5 sticks

Vintage Wax Seals
Wax Seals

Sorry, none available at this time

PLEASE NOTE! Most sealing wax placed on the outside of an envelope will
not survive the trip through the postal service's automated mail handling
equipment. The Faux Wax listed above has a better chance than most for
arriving intact, but even this can sometimes fall off while in the postal service's hands.

Eric Shackle in Australia has written a fun and informative article, To Talk of Sealing-Wax, about sealing wax and wax seals. We thought you may enjoy reading it, too.

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