Pendemonium is a full time online writing equipment shop owned by Sam and Frank Fiorella

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Updated November 17, 2020

PO Box 4088
Kingman, Arizona 86402
Phone: 928-757-PENS (7367)

Pendemonium is a full time online writing equipment shop owned by Sam and Frank Fiorella. Pendemonium was established in 1994 in Montclair, Virginia and moved to Fort Madison, Iowa in May 2000, and to Kingman, Arizona in June, 2014. We are one of just a handful of full time writing equipment dealers in the world.

We take pride in offering the very best personalized service we possibly can. Much of our business is transacted over the internet which some regard as rather impersonal, but we are determined to offer each of our customers service tailored to their needs. We make every effort to swiftly reply to email inquiries, usually within a few hours. Your reply will come from a real person who knows about pens, inks and the other collectible writing items we sell. We strive to operate in a professional and responsible manner.

We are honored to have been named Fort Madison Small Business of the Year for 2009 by the Fort Madison Chamber of Commerce. Thanks, Fort Madison, for the vote of confidence!

There are some oddities about owning a small niche market business! Since most of our items are vintage, it means we must hunt for them. We travel frequently to search for items to sell. Our laptop travels with us, sometimes replies can be delayed, but we do our best to get back to you quickly. Every now and then, even we need a few days of rest to rejuvenate, we'll post on our News page if we will be incommunicado!

We offer a wide range of products for fountain pen collectors and fountain pen users. However, we're a bit persnickety about what we sell! We aim for the highest quality possible and try to offer you, our customers the best value. The majority of the pens we sell are vintage, each is restored to working order. Pendemonium sometimes carries a select offering of current production pens that we feel are well made and will serve our customers well. Since many of our items are vintage, our selection changes frequently and ranges from 18th century early writing instruments to the present. We stock "safe" inks, not "all" inks for your treasured fountain pens. A wide range of pen and inkwell collecting books is offered and we feel this is a very important aspect of our business, learning about the items you collect makes you an informed collector and a wise buyer. In case you're reading this after you've been cruising around on the website, you also now know that we offer a lot of off the wall writing collectibles that are very desirable to pen aficionados! We make every effort to describe our products as accurately as possible and try to grade vintage items on the conservative side.

We realize that sometimes buying a vintage pen over the internet is just not as easy as buying a pen in person. Don't hesitate to email us if you have questions or concerns about an item you are interested in. We promise not to lead you astray!

Pendemonium offers a No Quibble Satisfaction Guarantee, it's posted on this website for all to view and we stand behind this guarantee. Plain and simple, we want you to be pleased with the items you purchase from us and hope you will let us know if you are not. Selling writing equipment is what we do for a living and we are fully aware that if we don't stand behind what we sell, we won't be in this business for long!

We are not just the owners of Pendemonium, we are collectors who are actively involved in the worldwide pen community of pen collecting. We attend and exhibit at many U.S. pen shows, this offers us the opportunity to meet our customers and fellow pen collectors face to face.

We are long time members of the Pen Collectors of America, Sam served for 6 years, 2 years as President of the Board of Directors of this non-profit organization devoted to furthering the hobby of pen collecting. She served as the Librarian for the Society of Inkwell Collectors from 2005 - 2014. We are also members of the Writing Equipment Society of England, and we support many local pen clubs. Sam has written articles for The Pennant, Pen World International and Stylus magazines.

In addition, Sam gives vintage writing related presentations to various groups as well as at select pens shows across the country.

The article below is in the January-February 2005 issue of Midwest Living Magazine.


References - Check Us Out!

From time to time people who have not purchased from us before, ask for references. We've listed some unsolicited comments that customers have sent us below. We invite you to independently investigate the reputation of Pendemonium! We do business with many pen collectors around the world who frequent various online pen forums, ask about us on the pen forums:

Fountain Pen Network -

Zoss Subscription - The Zoss Pen List - free subscription at

eBay -

Here's what a few of our customers have to say:

January 6, 2020: I received the ink bottles the other day and I want to thank you for not charging shipping and I want to let you know that he packing was excellent. I believe that package could have gone through an earthquake and not have been damaged. I am very happy with my purchase as these were items that I wanted for my collection. You have earned an A+ with me. You are good people to do business with. I also appreciate the way you describe the items you sell. There is no question about their condition. I wish both of you and your staff a happy and healthy New Year. LM in Janesville WI

January 14, 2019 TD in Scottsdale, AZ  I love my pens!  And THANK YOU so very much for the instructions.  I think I have been “winging it” all of these years.  Your thoughtfulness is so very much appreciated.  You are my “go to” guys whenever I need pen repair. 

October 4, 2018  JL:  Just a brief note to say hello and to tell you that I have finally found "the pen". I have been looking for deskpens for a while and, have, frankly, been disappointed with just about every one...until now. I have finally found the right combination of desk set and nib. She writes consistently, with great flow. I love it. Thanks.   

May 29, 2018  BC in Union, Ohio
Thank you very much, Sam!
I really appreciate your fantastic customer service.  I've never been disappointed in a purchase from Pendemonium, and look forward to continuing to do business with you in the future. 

April 7, 2016  DA in in Chatsworth, California
You guys ROCK... thank you for the fast service even when you are busy making ready for the next show. I'll try to send a substantial order next time.

March 24, 2016  DK in Mill City, Oregon
Success! The repair kit worked quite well, and the pen is now performing quite well! As it turned out, I could have probably left the old o-ring in place, as it was still flexible and had no obvious micro-cracking. Still, I felt it was better to do it now than to tear the pen apart again in a few years.  The only real challenge I had was getting the new o-ring to seat, as it was just a wee bit fatter than the one that came out. Still, once done, and with a touch of silicone lube on the sliding metal tube, the rest was easy. And now I have ink-sacs to repair a couple more, when I run into them. Many thanks, and all the best regards

Oshawa, Canada
Hi Frank and the staff at Pendemonium, I would like to let you know I just received my package from Pendemonium. :) I truly appreciate your very prompt service, your care in preparing my order, and taking the time to write and send me this email. I felt very confident dealing with your company and would not hesitate to recommend your products to anyone.

Long Island City, NY
Thank you for the speedy delivery on my order.

St. Petersburg, FL
Dear Pendemonium Associates, I have been very pleased with my purchases from your fine Company. You consistently deliver in terms of both product and service. Your prices are definitely fair relative to the market. It does not surprise me that you are considered one of the very best Dealers in the USA! Additionally, it is a pleasure to deal with you...thank you! Please feel free to share my comments as you have clearly earned the praise. Sincerely, HC

Austin, TX
The Parker 45 arrived and was waiting for me when I returned from a trip. It is amazing to pick up a $30 pen and have it write right the first time and write on everything. Thanks so much.

Brooklyn, NY
On one occasion on which I accessed your website, the screen had a long column running down the left side of the page with labeled boxes leading to a variety of pen-related information. I clicked on instructions for filling a pen and on the engagingly written and interesting essay on inks. I am 90 years old. When I turned 13, the traditional gift received on that occasion was a fountain pen. The ball point was then not yet known. I recall receiving 5 or 6 Pens then, all Watermans. I still own several of them. I have used and loved pens for 77 years. For the most part they were old Watermans, lever filled. Over the years, I acquired, mostly by gift, Parkers, Sheaffers and Mont Blancs. You ground the nib of a Sheaffer PFM for me recently and you should be receiving another Sheaffer and a Waterman from me which I hope you can make usable again. I confess to difficulty in filling a pen other than by old fashioned lever. Your instructions were helpful and would be more so if, in addition to the snorkel, you provided a drawing or a picture of the other methods. I'm not sure, for example whether the Sheaffer I just sent is aerometric or bulb filled. I think I know what the plunger is although. I invariably have difficulty using it. All that having been said, I have spent hours clicking on all the boxes on your web site and learning so much I should have but didn't know about after all these years, and enjoying the literary attractiveness of everything you write. I thank you for adding another dimension to my love of pens. Sincerely, LG

Rockville, MD
Gentlemen Order #: 2014-xxxxx The Sheaffer Tip Dip Fountain Pen just arrived in the mail safe and sound It's in beautiful condition as though it just came off the assembly line (Sorry. I couldn't think of a better metaphor) Thank you again Thank you for the sleeve that it arrived in, and no doubt helped to protect it even more. Even that is beautiful in itself

Whiting, NJ
Dear Pendemonium, I wrote to you not so long ago about a Parker mechanical pencil that used a cartridge with leads. You informed me that these cartridges are no longer made. Before contacting you the closest diameter that I found in your local stores was a 0.9mm lead. This was barely acceptable since the 0.9ers fit but very loosely and at times they would just fall out. Your explanation was that the clutching mechanism might be worn and you suggested and then supplied me with a 1.0mm size. I just received my order today and they worked perfectly. It's amazing how something like you supplying me with an odd size lead for an obsolete writing instrument can make my year..... Sincere thanks to Frank at Pendemonium...

Muncie, Indiana
Thank you for such great service.

Washington, DC
Received my order today, and thanks so much for packing it so well and shipping it so fast. The pen and stand were even better than I imagined from the picture and description, so I am very pleased!

Rockville, MD
The three ink bottles arrived today safe and sound They are truly very elegant little pieces. I was lucky to obtain them Thank you

Brussels, Belgium
I recently placed an order with Pendemonium (to Brussels) and I just wanted to let you know that i received the package today. As well, I would like to thank you for the great service.

Oceanside, CA
Received my Readers & Writers paperweight on Saturday. Perfect! Thank you!

Cambridge, MA
Thanks so much! Received my package yesterday and I'm very pleased with my purchase and its handling and prompt delivery. This is my first Pendemonium purchase, but by no means my last.

Nottingham, UK
Hi Received your items today. Very Pleased & Thank you so much for your help.

Sydney, Australia
Dear Frank. - The pens arrived today, safe and sound. I seem to have now found another honest dealer to add to my short list. I hope to find further items of interest in the future.






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