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Pendemonium is a full time writing equipment shop owned by Sam and Frank Fiorella. We are one of just a handful of full time writing equipment dealers in the world.

We take pride in offering the very best personalized service we possibly can. Much of our business is transacted over the internet which some regard as rather impersonal, but we are determined to offer each of our customers service tailored to their needs.

We make every effort to swiftly reply to email inquiries, usually within a few hours.

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Phone: 928-757-PENS (7367)

News and Updates

Updated August 30, 2015

This is where we let you know about new items, upcoming events and other newsworthy things we hope you'll find of interest as a pen aficionado. Scroll down to see our latest updates, or click links to explore Pendemonium!

Pendemonium on the Road!

San Francisco Pen Show!

Can't wait to see you at the San Francisco Pen Show this weekend! The show starts Friday, August 27 and runs through Sunday, August 30 at the Sofitel Hotel in Redwood City, California. We're so pleased to be exhibiting at the SF Pen Show this year and hope you'll stop by to see us at the show. We'll have all things Pendemonium with us - vintage fountain pens, dip pens and other unusual writing instruments. Full range of pen repair supplies. A rainbow of bottled inks, ink cartridges, converters and other refills to keep your pens writing. Books for pen lovers. We'll have a wide range of other items just for pen people, things that you just won't find anywhere other than at Pendemonium.

We will ship orders received before Wednesday, August 26 before we leave for San Francisco. Shipping will resume again on Thursday, September 3, 2015.   Inky Greetings and Midnight Madness continue to be published while we are away. The Pendemonium website continues to be updated in our physical absence. Stay tuned in to Pendemonium News and Facebook to see what's new and follow along on our San Francisco Pen Show Adventure.

Stay informed with our NEWS, Facebook, and Twitter pages!


In search of FLEX???  

Updated August 30, 2015

Check out No. MI1458 Stephens and MI1462

Salz fountain pens that just landed on the website in our Other Fountain Pens aisle. Beautiful pens and beautiful writers, too.

Two elegant Victorian pencils, including a beautiful Mordan fresh up on the website for you today.

Updated August 29, 2015

Both in perfect working order and nice condition, too. We invite you to view all of our vintage pencils.



It's Cursive Italic Day!

Updated August 28, 2015

Check out the Cursive Italic page...


Hard to find English Parker Quink bottle from the 1930s. 

Updated August 27, 2015

There is only one, so if Parker historical items OR collecting old inks is your thing, don't dilly dally!

Vintage Ink page is here...


Just one pen today, but a special one! 

Updated August 26, 2015

Pre-white dot Sheaffer days from ca. late teens. This one has the early 1908 patent date and Self Filling logo engraved on the barrel,
plus the little handed with pointing finger engraved which was to remind you the cap was screwed on and not pulled off! Very nice example!

Sheaffer Pen aisle...




We're back from the DC Pen Show!

Updated August 23, 2015

We're unpacked from the show and a two week road trip to hunt for more cool old writing things for you.  

Shipping resumes TODAY!  

Not everything will make it out the door today, but we'll work hard over the next few days to clear up the backlog before we leave for SF Pen Show in a few days.  As always, the orders that came in first while we were away will go first. You'll receive your usual shipping confirmation via email. Make sure you are subscribed to our eNewsletters Inky Greetings and Midnight Madness because that is where all our recent finds will show up first. Thanks for your patience while we were away. Great too see many of your at Tysons Corner, Virginia for the world's largest pen show, it is truly awesome. Can't wait for next year!


It's all about pencils today!  

Updated August 22, 2015

Many updates to our Other Pencil Aisle.

Small things make a big difference!  

Updated August 21, 2015

"Blotting paper is back in stock!"

Click here...

Thanks for your patience as we travel back to Pendemonium from the wonderful DC Pen Show. 

Updated August 19, 2015

We've been shopping for you and today we found some great things at every stop. Here's a few sneak preview photos.

Soon to be beautiful storage boxes for your
writing instruments.

Why, yes that is an Esterbrook peacock FP with blue ends nestled amongst
some of the other great things we found on our DC Pen Show Adventure!

Very old figural glass pen, cool old two hole punch and
other things for writers.

Today we founds calligraphy pens, another SKRIP bottle,
cut glass pen trays and much more.


New on the website today, three different repair kits for Sheaffer Snorkel, Touchdown and PFM fountain pens. 

Updated August 19, 2015

Get everything you need in one kit and save a little cash when buy the kit instead of individual components,
plus FREE instructions from Da Book included with each kit!

Check out Pen Sacs page and Nibs and Parts page!

Vintage advertisements tell a story and help us identify writing instruments, plus they look great framed!  

Updated August 18, 2015

New additions today to our Other Adverts section.

Eversharp is so well known for their pencils that many people refer to mechanical pencils
as Eversharps regardless of the brand. 

Updated August 17, 2015

We have REAL Eversharps for you!

Washington D.C. Fountain Pen SuperShow Adventure!

We'll be headed out for the Washington DC Fountain Pen SuperShow on Saturday August 8, 2015.

We look forward to seeing you at the world's largest fountain Pen Show August 14-16, 2015

We'll be headed out for the Washington DC Fountain Pen SuperShow on Saturday, August 8th. We'll ship orders received before noon Friday, August 7 before we leave or we'll post at a post office along the road as we start our DC Pen Show Adventure. Shipping will then resume on Monday, August 24. We'll go into a little bit of auto-mode (in more ways than one!), orders will be acknowledged automatically. We'll reply to email inquiries as we toodle down the road to and from the world's largest fountain pen show. Inky Greetings and Midnight Madness as well as updates to the Pendemonium website continue during our physical absence from Pendemonium while we're on the road.  We hope you'll stay tuned in while we hunt for new items for the website and visit our customers at the DC Pen Show. Stay tuned to our News page right here and to our Facebook page. As with all of our pen show adventures, we search for old writing collectibles while on the road and we'll be posting updates and photos of the things we find along the way as well as photos from the Washington DC Fountain Pen SuperShow! Click here for our Facebook page...

Today, we traveled through Tennessee to the Washington DC Fountain Pen Show. More finds at some fun old antique shops!

We've been searching for writing things for you enroute to the DC Pen Show! Some of these items will be available at our exhibit in DC, others will require a little TLC when we return to the shop.

We are on the road pen-showing right now at other shows, but we wanted to let you know that the Ohio Pen Show has a new website! We'll see you there in November!

Pen Shows dates, other info, and locations!


We've added some great Waterman fountain pens to our line up today.

Updated August 16, 2015

Hope you'll take a few moments to check them out.

Click here to take a look...

White Dot Day at Pendemonium!   

New Sheaffer Pen additions to the website. Look for the new notations.

Click to visit our Sheaffer page!

There is never a dull moment in our Inkwells and Desktop aisle.

Updated August 14, 2015

Desktop, of course refers to the big flat surface that you use to write letters on with your fountain or dip pen!  

Check out all the cool inkwells and desk top accessories we have for you for that total writing experience.



What's new at Pendemonium today? 

Updated August 13, 2015

Our Other Pens department has new items listed - two beautiful Mabie Todd Swans and a Gem Ink Pencil. 

Check them out, you know you want to!

Click here to view our Other Pens!

So many Esterbrook aficionados these days! 

Updated August 11, 2015

In addition to restored Esterbrook fountain pens, we also carry a wide range of original Esterbrook advertisements.
These are great for using as reference or for framing and decorating your walls in home or office. 

Today, we're adding one more from 1951, the headline is Choose the Right Point for the Way You Write.


Visit our Esterbrooks adverts and/or Esterbrook pens

Check out this writing themed Address & Memo Book complete with a Pencil. 

It is perfect for pen people.

Updated August 10, 2015

Click here to check out our Stationery page...


As a service for our customers, we keep a list of modern pen manufacturer service centers on our website. 

Updated August 8, 2015

Updated info added today for the Parker and Waterman U.S. service center.

Click here for a list of service centers!



More pen parts for you today! 

Updated August 6, 2015

Check them out!  You just might find that elusive vintage pen part you need to finish a pen restoration.

Nibs and Parts - click here...

The final touch! 

Updated August 4, 2015

Put a finishing touch on your signature with an antique rocker blotter. Your signature will be dry and smudge-free. 

Rocker blotters are just a small part of the total writing experience.

Click here to view blotters!

Don't Miss Out!

Updated August 3, 2015

Last night at the stroke of Midnight, we sent out the latest issue of Midnight Madness, our Monday eNewsletter. This one was filled with unusual fountain pens, many of them English pens acquired from a collection we recently bought. 

We invite you to subscribe to our eNewsletters Monday Midnight Madness and Inky Greetings which we send out each Thursday.  

Just click the link below to subscribe and we'll do our utmost to deliver awesome antique writing equipment to your email box on Mondays and Thursdays.

We have been informed by Noodler's Ink that the dyes used to make two of our exclusive inks,
Eternal Brown and Violet Vote are no longer being made. 

Updated August 2, 2015

Noodler's has had no success in finding alternate dyes for these two inks. They have told us that they will continue to keep an eye open for these special dyes,
however it appears that odds are slim that they will be able to be reproduced.  We are sad to remove Eternal Brown and Violet Vote from our ink offerings.

We will continue to offer our No. 1 best selling ink - Noodler's Legal Lapis. We are well stocked and ready to ship to you!

Just one copy of available!  

Updated July 31, 2015

Just listed on the website in our Reference Books section.  I wouldn't wait too long on this one, a tough one to find.

Click Here for Books and More...


Think Ink!  Big batch of new listings in our Vintage Ink department today. 

Updated July 30, 2015

There are even some with usable vintage inks as noted. Look for the new notations as you browse to see the latest!

Click here to visit new listings at Vintage Inks!

Classic antique advertisements from Wahl Eversharp for you today. 

Updated July 29, 2015

The additions today date from the 1920s to the early 1950s and feature iconic fountain pens and pencils.

Click here to view Eversharp ads!

We have a couple of new additions to our Parker section of the website today. 

Updated July 28, 2015

Nice Parker Deluxe Challenger MP and a very cool French display card for the Parker 45. Hope you have a few moments to check them out today.

Click here to view Parker page...

Don't wait! 

Updated July 27, 2015

We have totally revamped our Sheaffer Inks & Refills section on the website.
More photos, more information especially about older out of production Sheaffer converters and ballpoint refills.

Sheaffer Inks & Refills

Clean Up in Aisle 10! That would be our Dip Pen Department.

Updated July 25, 2015

Lots of new photos for you today and a little tidying up so we hope this rather extensive section of Pendemonium featuring Dip Pens,
Dip Pen Nib assortments and all sorts of cool old Dip Pen & Nib related memorabilia will be a little easier for you to navigate. Check it out!

Dip Pen Web page...

We've been working on listing more vintage pen parts and getting photos of said parts on the website. 

Updated July 23, 2015

Keep an eye on this section as we will try to update a little more frequently than we have in the past. 
Somewhat dependent of course of time available to sort parts.

Nibs and Parts - click here...

We'd love to meet you at an upcoming pen show or other pen related event. 

Updated July 22, 2015

Check out our Pen Show page on the website and find out where we'll be and when in the near future. 
Next up is the world's largest pen show - The Washington D.C. Fountain Pen SuperShow held at Tysons Corner, Virginia
August 14 - 16 at the Sheraton Premiere Hotel.  Definitely a very full weekend of fountain pens and related items.

Click here to visit our Pen Show page...






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