Pen Storage Box

S1099 Pen Storage Box, Sturdy and unique re-purposed Oliva wood Cigar Display Box retrofit with a light grey velour pen liner to hold up to 12 pens. Lift up hinged lid. Double brass clasps on front of case. 9 1/2" x 7 3/4" x 1 3/4". Reddish wood finish on top of lid and base. Handsome pen storage box! Very good condition. (pens in photo not included) (1 avail)


Wahl Oxford Fountain Pen, ca. 1930s

EV680 Wahl Oxford Fountain Pen, ca. 1930s, Black cap and Barrel. Gold plated lever, cap band and clip, Cap is marked Made in USA Wahl Oxford. Lever fill – fills only from a bottle. Replacement nib is marked: Selecto-O-Point B Iridium Tip, Firm Medium Made in USA. Polished steel. Amber ink view window. Measures 4.75 inches long. Works and writes well, only fair in the cosmetics department!  (1 avail)


Parker Duofold Jr. Fountain Pen, ca. mid-1920s, US, Black Permanite

PK2785 Parker Duofold Jr. Fountain Pen, ca. mid-1920s, US, Black Permanite cap and barrel, black barrel end, section and cap top. Single gold filled cap band. Button fill – fills only from a bottle. Solid 14KT gold nib is marked; Parker Duofold Pen P. Firm fine point. Gold filled Parker Clip shows minimal brassing to the clip ball.  Crisp milling on the black hard rubber cap top. Measures 4.5 inches long. Very good condition. (1 avail)


Sheaffer School Cartridge Filler Fountain Pen

SH4977 Sheaffer School Cartridge Filler Fountain Pen, ca. 1950s, translucent blue barrel, black section, lined polished steel cap, clip is marked Sheaffer. Polished steel nib is marked Sheaffer’S Made in USA. Firm fine point. Measures 5 inches long. Cartridge fill – one Sheaffer cartridge included. Excellent condition. Zillions of Sheaffer school pens were made over the years, but this one has one of the most beautiful blue barrels we’ve ever seen! (1 avail)