Sheaffer Reviews

We wanted to let everyone know that we have finally finished adding all the Sheaffer'S Reviews, Face To Face, Sheaffer Eaton Times, and Sheaffer Ink factory newsletters to the website. Here is a brief history of the Sheaffer reviews: They can be found on the Sheaffer Reviews, Sheaffer, and Ephemera pages of the website.

Sheaffer'S Review Company Magazines from the 1940's through the 1990's.

Sheaffer started publishing Reviews at the beginning of World War II. So many of their male employees went off to war, that the Reviews began as a way of keeping everyone in touch with fellow employees and family members during the war. The Sheaffer Review continued as an in house employee newsletter through the 1960s, sometime in the 1970s the title changed to Sheaffer Eaton Times for a brief period, then was re-named Face to Face. Sheaffer Ink replaced Face to Face sometime in the 1990s. One thing that we are always reminded of when we page through these old company magazines is how employee and family oriented Sheaffer Pen was. Picnics, sports teams and leagues, birthday celebrations - Sheaffer was indeed a huge family oriented organization. And we mustn't forget any special occasion was a reason for lots of good homemade food, indeed that tradition seems to continue in Fort Madison where food always pulls people together! 

We have put all the Sheaffer'S Review magazines on their own dedicated page on our website: