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Pendemonium is a full time writing equipment shop owned by Sam and Frank Fiorella. We are one of just a handful of full time writing equipment dealers in the world.

We take pride in offering the very best personalized service we possibly can. Much of our business is transacted over the internet which some regard as rather impersonal, but we are determined to offer each of our customers service tailored to their needs.

We make every effort to swiftly reply to email inquiries, usually within a few hours.

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Phone: 928-757-PENS (7367)

News and Updates

Updated July 29, 2015

This is where we let you know about new items, upcoming events and other newsworthy things we hope you'll find of interest as a pen aficionado. Scroll down to see our latest updates, or click links to explore Pendemonium!

Classic antique advertisements from Wahl Eversharp for you today. 

Updated July 29, 2015

The additions today date from the 1920s to the early 1950s and feature iconic fountain pens and pencils.

Click here to view Eversharp ads!

We have a couple of new additions to our Parker section of the website today. 

Updated July 28, 2015

Nice Parker Deluxe Challenger MP and a very cool French display card for the Parker 45. Hope you have a few moments to check them out today.

Click here to view Parker page...

Don't wait! 

We have totally revamped our Sheaffer Inks & Refills section on the website.
More photos, more information especially about older out of production Sheaffer converters and ballpoint refills.

Sheaffer Inks & Refills

Clean Up in Aisle 10! That would be our Dip Pen Department.

Updated July 25, 2015

Lots of new photos for you today and a little tidying up so we hope this rather extensive section of Pendemonium featuring Dip Pens,
Dip Pen Nib assortments and all sorts of cool old Dip Pen & Nib related memorabilia will be a little easier for you to navigate. Check it out!

Dip Pen Web page...

We've been working on listing more vintage pen parts and getting photos of said parts on the website. 

Updated July 23, 2015

Keep an eye on this section as we will try to update a little more frequently than we have in the past. 
Somewhat dependent of course of time available to sort parts.

Nibs and Parts - click here...


We'd love to meet you at an upcoming pen show or other pen related event. 

Updated July 22, 2015

Check out our Pen Show page on the website and find out where we'll be and when in the near future. 
Next up is the world's largest pen show - The Washington D.C. Fountain Pen SuperShow held at Tysons Corner, Virginia
August 14 - 16 at the Sheraton Premiere Hotel.  Definitely a very full weekend of fountain pens and related items.

Click here to visit our Pen Show page...

Big update to our selection of vintage pencil leads today.

Updated July 21, 2015

Small things that are really a big thing because you need these to feed your mechanical pencils.  Eversharp, Egale, Autopoint, Pentel, Dur-o-Lite, IBM,
Rite-Rite, Techromatic and other brands.  Plus we have few hard to find original lead holder tubes.

Pencil Leads

It was a dip pen kind of weekend here at Pendemonium-Central!

Updated July 19, 2015

Several new dip pen listngs and one stunning newer dip pen made of green and mustard ebonite and fit with an antique flexible nib. Plus
we have a new group of Bottle 'o Nibs for you. 

We tucked in an extra nib in each bottle, a very desirable Joseph Gillott's No. 303 Victoria Pen - perfect for ornamental writing.

Dip Pens page...

Today, we have made updates to our individual listings of Dip Pen Nibs. 

Updated July 18, 2015

We currently have about 635 different dip pen nibs. Wow! That's a lot! They are all new old stock antique nibs. Needless to say there
are many different brands, sizes, shapes and points - good chance you will find the perfect nib for the way you write!
Click here to view Dip Pen Nibs page

We try to update this extensive listing about once a month and at times quantities can change quickly - if you would like us to check quantities
on a particular nib or nibs, just drop us an email and we'll do it!

It's Cursive Italic Day!

Updated July 17, 2015

Click here to view...

We've returned from the wonderful Pen Round Up in Portland.

Great to catch up with old Portland area friends and meet some new ones, too. Thank you to all who stopped by the show to see us.

Today and tomorrow, we are catching up on shipping out your orders that arrived while we were away. We always work on the first in, first out principle meaning the orders received first will be shipped first.

Big batch going out today and if all goes smoothly the remainder will be shipped on Thursday. Appreciate your patience and your orders!

Inky Greetings will be going out to subscribers on Thursday at 8am CDT, so keep your eyes open for a fun issue that we hope you will not only enjoy, but find something to purchase as well.

Very sad to learn that Jim Gaston passed away this morning. 

Updated July 13, 2015

Jim was involved in so many productive and exciting things during his life, not the least of which was the fountain pen collecting community. Jim was there when I started collecting pens over 30 years ago and I know that many of you knew him well. Far bigger than his association with fountain pens was his involvement with his resort on the White River and endless lobbying to preserve and protect the natural resources of Arkansas. Thank you, Jim, for all you have done to make the world a better place, may you rest in peace.


Waterman Adverts

Vintage advertising is indeed spectacular, but I do believe Waterman had some of the most lovely designs of all the pen manufacturers back in the day. 
We have many for your to select from including five newly listed Waterman adverts for you today.



Repair Supplies

Updated July 13, 2015

We've loaded up our Repair Supplies section with all sorts of helpful things to aid you in your pen repairs. Many new lights, nib smoothers
and our personal favorite - natural chamois polishing cloths. Click on over and check everything out.


Our Inkwells and Desktop section of the Pendemonium website has been updated today.

Updated July 13, 2015

The inkwells are pretty self explanatory. Nice antique treasures from days gone by.  Hope you'll check out our new additions today.  The desktop part of this area is quite eclectic! Today's additions include a vintage look magnifier, a sturdy Wilson Jone Marvel Paper Punch, two monkey pen wipers, an Esterbrook themed paperweight and last, but not least a totally awesome Smith Corona Galaxie portable typewriter. Click Here to check them out!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see us at the Portland Pen Round Up on Saturday.

Updated July 12, 2015

Great show and we're already looking forward to a 2016 pen show in Portland. We're heading back to Pendemonium Central and continuing to hunt for old and unusual writing collectibles for you. Thanks for your patience while we're on the road. Shipping will resume on July 15.


We have Esterbrooks for you today! 

Updated July 12, 2015

Esterbrooks grow in popularity every day, maybe every hour, totally amazing.  Please check out our latest offerings.


Other Pens

Updated July 12, 2015

You just never know what will turn up in our Other Pens aisle on the website.  Today our offerings include:  Eclipse, Eagle, Eberhard Faber, Wearever, Aikin Lambert, Everfeed, Kaweco and more. We invite you to explore this rather eclectic selection of writing instruments today.

We went pen hunting for you again today in Boise, Idaho. 

Updated July 11, 2015

My favorite might be the unusual large rocker blotter with advertising, but the figural Sheaffer double desk set is pretty spectacular.
Watch for these items coming to you in the near future on upcoming issues of Inky Greetings....unless they sell at the Pen Round Up in Portland!


It's all about pencils today!

Updated July 11, 2015

Ring tops, gorgeous celluloids, Autopoint double enders, magnetic pencils -
we have them all from traditional to funky to just downright unusual! Cick to view Other Pencils!



Pen Storage

Updated July 11, 2015

It is wise to put your writing instruments in a safe place when not in use. We have many creative pen storage solutions available
for you including 3 new items that we just listed for sale today.



Vintage Eversharps

Updated July 11, 2015

Five nice vintage Eversharps landed on the Pendemonium website today! Fountain pens, Mechanical Pencils and some nice collectible early ballpens as well.


Pendemonium on the Road

Updated July 10, 2015

Portland Pen Round Up Adventure photos for you.  We went pen hunting in the wilds of Nevada and found some great 1930s Eagle pencils
in original packaging along with an 1880s cone ink bottle, met some nice people, too.  Hope you'll join us at the Portland Pen Round Up on Saturday.

More information on Pen Shows



NEW Vintage Inks

Updated July 10, 2015

Today is a Think Ink kind of day with many new vintage inks added to the Pendemonium website. 

Collectible ink bottles, some with usable ink.


Repair and Restoration Work

Updated July 10, 2015

For those of you who like to do repair and restoration work, we've added a bunch of nice fountain pen nibs and fountain pen parts pens. 

That elusive part you've been looking for just might be waiting for you on the Nibs and Parts section of our new website.

Pendemonium is on the Road to the Portland Pen Round Up!

SIX hours of all things Pens-Ink-Writing at the Portland Pen Round this Saturday, July 11, 2015. The place to be is the Lucky Labrador at 1945 NW Quimby in Portland, Oregon.  The show runs from 11 am - 5pm.  We're excited to be going back to Portland and look forward to seeing you at the Portland Pen Round Up! We'll have a little bit of all things - Pendemonium in Portland. Do hope you will stop by and see us.

Of course while we're on the way to and from Portland, we'll be out hunting in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest and points in between for cool writing collectibles. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for on the road updates.

We'll be away from Pendemonium-Central July 9 thru 14 and will resume shipping on July 15. Orders are acknowledged automatically while we are away. We always reply to email inquiries while we are on the road. We appreciate your patience while we catch up with customers at the Portland Pen Round Up.


Dip into a bit of History with Pendemonium! 

Updated July 9, 2015

We just listed some nice sets with 1860s stoneware ink bottle, vintage dip pen and a vintage assortment of dip pen nibs
PLUS an awesome French Blanzy-Conte-Gilbert Dip Pen and Nib Display Card in pristine condition.  Many more dip pens are also listed along with
some nice dip pen nib assortments.

Click here to view more...



Thinking about having one of your fountain pens nibs custom ground? 

Updated July 9, 2015

We hope you'll keep us in mind for custom nib grinding. 

Our nib grinder has over 50 years of experience in turning your nib into a perfect nib! 

Reasonable prices and quick turn around time.  Read the comments from our happy customers. 

Click here for all the details.


Unicorns are so magical and so is this beautiful desk set organizer made by Otigari. 

Updated July 8, 2015

We've added fountain pen friendly paper for the complete writing experience!

Click here to purchase and view desk sets!

Today is a Parker kind of day - we have Duofolds, Vacs, 51 and a nice Jotter for you.

Updated July 7, 2015

Click here and check them out!

It's a Sheaffer!

Updated July 6, 2015

That's what they used to say in their old adverts! We have over a dozen new Sheaffer writing instruments for you today.

Check these sections for the new additions:
Flat tops, Balance, Touchdown & Snorkel, Fashion, Triumph Imperial, Legacy-Heritage, No Nonsense, Targa, Desk Set, Memorabilia, and Fineliner.

Click on over and check them out!




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