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This page last updated 5/19/15

Which Eraser Do I Need?


Unfortunately, as with most writing things, erasers were not very standardized over the years, nor are they now! However, there are a few common sizes that fit a good many of the pencils made.

The easiest way to determine what size eraser you need for your mechanical pencil is to measure the diameter of your old eraser in millimeters. If the eraser is gone, take a measurement of the opening where the eraser goes. Rulers work fine for this, but if you have a caliper, it will work even better!

If all else fails, and no erasers are the correct diameter for your pencil (yes, it happens!), you may have to consider creative alternatives. Carving your own eraser refills is an option. Good old fashioned Pink Pearl erasers work well for this, as do Magic Rub white vinyl erasers. If you're handy, you can also make a metal "punch" and punch out refills from a larger block style eraser. A piece of paper makes a good shim, if a ready made eraser almost fits, sometimes all it takes is a small piece of paper wrapped around the base of the eraser to make it fit just right. On the opposite end of this theory, sometimes taking a ready made eraser that is just a tad bit too big and shaving off a little bit will provide you with the correct fit. You just need to think outside the box a little bit when it comes to refilling erasers on your vintage mechanical pencils.

List of Mechanical Pencils and Eraser Sizes
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Pentel Eraser Refills

The Pentel PDE-1 eraser fits a number of older vintage mechanical pencils including Sheaffer Fineliner and TX pencils.

Pentel Erasers, white, 6.9mm diameter, 12.5mm length 5 per tube

Sheaffer Type D Erasers
New Old Stock in Yellow Tin
Limited Supplies - $1 pack

Sheaffer Bulk Erasers

These are probably late 1960s into the 1970s judging from the tin. Erasers are still nice and soft. Erasers are green, diameter is 3.9mm, length is 14mm, 3 erasers per tin.

SHF-ERAS-D Sheaffer erasers, "D", 3 per slide out tin $1

Sheaffer Eraser Refills

SHF-86135 Sheaffer Eraser refill, Type P, 6mm dia, 6/pk. Fits many vintage pencils including Parker 51 and Vacumatic pencils. Fits Sheaffer Prelude and Award pencils. $6

Vintage and Collectible Erasers


Autopoint 40E Gold

New old stock Autopoint No. 40E Erasers in gold foil wrapped paper tube, 4 erasers per tube. Standard size, 6.7mm diameter. We spot checked these erasers and all checked are quite hard, a collectible, but not usable.


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