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This page last updated 5/27/15


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A short article about the history of Sheaffer Skrip Ink and the recent formula changes.

Click here to read a Sheaffer Pen Company FAQ regarding the reformulation of Sheaffer Skrip.

New Sheaffer Skrip Ink Bottles

Sheaffer Skrip Ink

50 ml/1.69 ounce bottle $9.25

PLEASE NOTE: Colors on computer monitors vary greatly!
Please bear this in mind as you view the color samples below.

SHF-94211 Blue Black Sheaffer Blue Black $9.25
SHF-94221 Blue Sheaffer Blue $9.25
SHF-94251 Green Sheaffer Green $9.25
SHF-94241 Red Sheaffer Red $9.25
SHF-94261 Brown Sheaffer Brown $9.25
SHF-94231 Jet Black Sheaffer Black $9.25
SHF-94281 Purple Sheaffer Purple $9.25
SHF-94271 Turquoise Sheaffer Turquoise $9.25

New Sheaffer Skrip Ink Classic Cartridges

The new Sheaffer classic cartridges are solid colored plastic in the same color as the ink inside.

5 Classic size cartridges per pack $6

Sheaffer Ink Cartridges SHF-96310G Blue Black Sheaffer Blue Black $6
SHF-96320G Blue Sheaffer Blue $6
SHF-96350G Green Sheaffer Green $6
SHF-96340G Red Sheaffer Red $6
SHF-96360G Brown Sheaffer Brown $6
SHF-96330G Jet Black Sheaffer Black $6
SHF-96380G Purple Sheaffer Purple $6
SHF-96370G Turquoise Sheaffer Turquoise $6
SHF-96390G Gold (bright yellow) Sheaffer Gold $6
SHF-96400 Assorted Color Pack
Includes 1 each: black, blue, red, green and purple

Sheaffer Converters

Classic aerometric style converter, fits most Sheaffer pens
Classic piston style converter, fits most Sheaffer pens


PLEASE NOTE: Sheaffer made several other converters in the 1960s - 1980s that are no longer made and have become quite difficult to find.

Sheaffer Button Fill Converter

Sheaffer Button Fill converters were discontinued many years ago. They fit select Imperials, Lady Sheaffers and a few 6XX series pens from the early 1980s. Pens that will accept only this converter which is shorter than the Classic Aerometric Converter will still accept Sheaffer Classic Cartridges. From time to time we turn up some of these converters, please email for availability.

Sheaffer Slim

Old Sheaffer Skrip Ink Slim Cartridges

Sheaffer Slim Cartridge

Sheaffer Slim Cartridges are no longer being manufacturered by Sheaffer.

A few Sheaffer fountain pens from the 1980s use Sheaffer Slim Cartridge II refills. These cartridges are longer and slimmer than the regular Classic cartridges.

Sheaffer Slim Cartridge II specs:
Length: 64.5mm
Insertion end: 3.85mm
Barrel end: 6.5mm

We are always keeping our eyes open for these cartridges, and when we find them they will be listed on our Vintage Inks page.

Sheaffer Slim Converter

Many slim Targas and Fashion pens will only use a Sheaffer Slim Converter or Sheaffer Slim cartridges. This converter looks very similar to the #99500 Classic Aerometric Converter above, but is slightly longer and slimmer. They do not interchange. We rarely if ever locate Slim converters.

Sheaffer Ballpoint Refills

SHF-99325 BP refill, blue, medium $6

BP refill, blue, fine

SHF-99335 BP refill, black, medium $6
SHF-99334 BP refill, black, fine $6
SHF-99244 BP refill, red, fine $6
SHF-10894 MPI BP refill, black $6
SHF-10903 MPI Highlighter refill $6

Sheaffer Roller Ball Refills

SHF-97335 RB refill, black, medium $6
SHF-97325 RB refill, blue, medium $6

Sheaffer Slim Roller Ball Refills

Sheaffer made a few slim profile roller ball pens in the 1980s and 1990s that require the Slim Roller Ball II refills including slim Targa, Fashion and TRZ.
SHF-97535 Slim RB refill, black medium $6
SHF-97525 Slim RB refill, blue medium $6


Turn your early Sheaffer ballpens into
working pens again!

Early Sheaffer ballpoint pens used a large aluminum tube cartridge that was discontinued in the early 1950s. For a short period of time, Sheaffer made brass adaptors so that the current style BP refills could be used. Those ran out years ago and there was no way to retrofit the older Sheaffer Ballpens with a new refill.

We now have newly made solid brass Sheaffer BP widgets so you can turn your older BPs into working pens again. Remove the old BP tube cartridge, screw in one of the brass widgets, add a spring in end of barrel and use a current production Sheaffer BP refill. It's that simple! What could be better than using a 1940s vintage BP?

WIDGET Sheaffer brass BP adaptor $10

NOTE: Info below on using the Sheaffer widget in a Stratowriter

The old Sheaffer Sratowriter ballpoints are a little trickier to turn into working ballpoints again, but with some minor modification to a current production Sheaffer ballpoint refill, it can be done.

The little blue top piece on the top of the current Sheaffer BP refill is just a tad too small and gets hung up in the mechanism of the Stratowriter inside the clicker button. However, the blue flat piece on the previous black plastic style refills works perfectly.

If you get a Sheaffer BP widget for your Stratowriter, you will need one of the old black plastic refills with the flat blue top piece. Then, just remember to pull the blue piece off the plastic refill and replace the one on a new metal refill for your Stratowriter.

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