Set of 4 vintage barrel styled Dip Pen Nibs

DIP1246 Set of 4 vintage barrel styled Dip Pen Nibs. 1) Perry Double Patent, London, blue steel, firm, extra fine point 2( Perry London – Double Patent, black steel, extra fine and extra flexible 3)Royal Swan Quill, Grey steel Marked: signature AE Lambdin Inventor Liverpool, embossed swan below vent hole, extra fine extra flex point. 4) Tanner’s first Class Fine Ladies Matte grey steel barrel, very flexible. Each nib is quite unusual and in excellent condition. (1 set avail)


Wallace Fountain Pen, ca. 1940s

MI1238 Wallace Fountain Pen, ca. 1940s, Solid black cap, barrel and section, Bright steel clip is marked: Wallace, Polished two tone steel nib marked Durium 14K Gold Electroplated, Firm extra fine point. Lever fill – fills only from a bottle. Measures 5.25 inches long. Cap does not post to barrel end. Small speck of corrosion to top left part of clip, otherwise very good condition.  (1 avail)


Wearever Fountain Pen, ca. 1950s

MI1235 Wearever Fountain Pen, ca. 1950s, Dark grey barrel, black section, matte steel cap with incised lines serving as a cap band, polished steel clip is marked Wearever, grey button at top of cap and below cap. Polished steel nib is a firm medium point. Nib is marked Medium 8363 USA. Clear feed. Cartridge fill, uses proprietary Wearever cartridges long out of production. We will include an empty Wearever cartridge for you to refill with your favorite bottled ink. Measures 6.25 inches long. Very good condition. (1 avail)