Sheaffer Crest Parts

PARTS036 Sheaffer Crest Parts, Lot of 7 parts includes: BP barrel in Green Opalite, BP Barrel in Brown Opalite, FP Barrel in Brown Opalite, 3 Crest or Balance2 BP Grip Sections (the point ends) and 1 Crest or Balance2 BP Mechanism. These items are all new old stock from the Sheaffer Repair Department in Fort Madison. (1 avail)


Wm. M Christy’s Sons Advertising Blotter

B1794 Wm. M Christy’s Sons Advertising Blotter, From Wikipedia:  Christy died January 9, 1866 with presumably his son William assuming operations of the business. By 1878, the firm was renamed William M. Christy's Sons and under the proprietorship of William and Joseph Christy who resided at 3909 Spruce Street (West Philadelphia). The firm was still active as of 1896 at 312 Chestnut Street.) This is a very nice, early advertising blotter for Flat Opening Blank Books sold by Wm. M. Christy’s Sons in Philadelphia. White blotting paper, measures 9.5 x 4.75 inches. Black print on white.


Autopoint Leads,.5mm, HB

LD721  Autopoint Leads, .5mm, HB, white cardboard container with bright metallic silver trim on the ends.  The tube and the wording printed on the tube make us think this is an old container, but it contains 0.5mm diameter lead which is a much newer!   The cap to the tube is marked:  U-T-L Ultra Fine Lead Black No. 2250 HB Medium 50 cents.  Lead is 1 3/8 inches long.  12 leads in container. (1 avail)