Unknown Wood Fountain Pen

MI2104 Unknown Wood Fountain Pen, recent production, very nice grain on the cap and barrel. Large two tone gold plated steel nib is marked Iridium Point Germany. Two tone fine-medium point. Cartridge – converter fill, piston style converter included. Measures 5.5 inches long, cap diameter is one half inch – nice girth. Excellent condition, no signs of use. (1 avail)


Sheaffer WASP Addipoint Fountain Pen, ca. mid-1930s-early 1940s

SH4936 Sheaffer WASP Addipoint Fountain Pen, ca. mid-1930s-early 1940s, black cap and barrel, gold plated clip and trim, lever fill – fills only from a bottle. Polished steel WASP Addipoint No. 237 polished steel Stub nib. Measures 5.25 inches long, large girth. There is some plating wear to the cap band, lesser to the clip, overall very good condition. (1 avail)


Set of two antique wood dip pens with a nib assortment

DIP1240  Set of two antique wood dip pens with an assortment of ten different vintage dip pen nibs. Set comes with one Red and one Black dip pen holder. Nibs are all new old stock, never used. Please note that the nibs included may vary. Each dip pen holder measures 6.5 inches, about 7.5 inches including nib and is in near mint condition. Great for quick notes, just rinse the nib and try a different color ink for making ink color swashes or you could write us a letter, we love getting mail! (4 avail)


Pelikan 4001 Fountain Pen Ink, Royal Blue, Liter

PEL301135  Pelikan 4001 Fountain Pen Ink, Royal Blue, Liter. Pelikan 4001 Fountain Pen Ink - Pelikan's first writing inks were called 4001. The reason for this name was a designation found in the Receptu Buch which was used to record formulas for different product lines. Writing ink formulas were in Book Four and the first formula was recorded as 001. Hence the designation "4001". 33.82 oz - Liter (1000 ml) bottle. (These are available via special order - ETA 6-12 weeks)