Esterbrook Model 445 Counter Style DipLess Inkwell Desk Set,

ES1085  Esterbrook Model 445 Counter Style DipLess Inkwell Desk Set, Black glass base with black bakelite top, Small oval label reads:  Please Replace Pen in Socket.  Original original circular label with information about locating the desk set permanently, this label has some green ink stains and is attached with two small pieces of tape.  Inkwell base measures 4.25 inches diameter. 23 inch chain attaches the DipLess style black pen to the front of the base.  Pen measures 6 inches long including the Renew Point.  Pen is fit with No.


Knock Out Block

Knock Out Block Solid wood, steel plate over 4 different hole diameters, includes 4 steel rods to knock out feed & nib units and a convenient place to store the rods at end of knock out block. Necessary tool for removing feed and nib units from vintage pen sections.


Pelikan M640 Sahara Special Edition FP, ca. 2007

PEL540  Pelikan M640 Sahara Special Edition FP, ca. 2007, Germany. Gold Pelikan logo on cap end, yellow cap and section and turning knob. Swirly lines representing the sands of the Sahara are engraved in barrel in bright gold on dark tannish-yellow. Solid 18KT gold and rhodium two tone nib is a broad point. Mint condition – shows no signs of use. Original clip tag and Pelikan Sahara information booklet. Piston filling – fills only from a bottle. Luxury box in orange with tan linen interior. Pelikan Sahara brochure in bottom of box. (1 avail)


Waterman's Autograph Album and Advertisement

Waterman's Autograph Album and Advertisement, 1932 - Back in 1932, Waterman was most likely looking for ways to stir up some additional business and offered up a contest to fill a special hardcover bound book with autographs of famous people. There would be 333 awards; 133 cash prizes, 100 Waterman Fountain Pens (Lady Patricia for girls and No. 94 for boys) and 100 Waterman Mechanical Pencils. Pretty heady stuff in 1932! Florence White in Canaan, Maine acquired one of the the Autograph Albums.


Dip Pen Holder - ca. early 1900s

S707  Dip Pen Holder - ca. early 1900s, clear pressed glass base with pressed dot pattern in base. Holds up to 18 dip pens in it's springy center spring. Sometimes people refer to these as note or memo holders, but they are catalogued as Dip Pen Holders. 4.25 x 2 inches, height to top of spring is 2 1/8 inches. This pressed glass base is in very good condition. The spring, as you can see in the photo, is still springy but not as level as it was when made about 100 years ago. Heavy base keeps this dip pen holder well balanced. Pen shown in photo not included. (1 avail)


Noodler's Permanent Ink, Legal Lapis Blue, 3 oz.

NILLP Legal Lapis Ink - A Pendemonium Exclusive! Of all the inks we sell, Noodler's Legal Lapis is our NUMBER ONE best selling ink! Legal Lapis approaches traditional blue black colors, with far more blue and a striking vintage look to it, but the best thing about Legal Lapis is that it is permanent on paper, the solution for all your legal documents and for any applications where the ink must remain permanent on paper. Legal Lapis contains a special blue dye that remains water soluble UNTIL it dries on paper, then it becomes waterproof and permanent.


Sheaffer No-Nonsense Factory Prototype

SH4272  I should clarify that this is most likely NOT a tool to fix No Nonsense pen, but a tool made to fit into a NoNonsense pen to be used in the factory. Just as pens are great tools for writing, a pen barrel and cap make a perfect vehicle for a tool, easy to keep in a worker’s pocket and lots of space in the barrel for the tool. This black No Nonsense has a steel stylus on the nib end and when you unscrew the barrel, a round diamond shaped steel file is inside. The barrel has some light surface wear.


Eversharp 1930s Catalogue Reprint

EV596 Reprint of a 1930s Eversharp Catalogue. Information and illustrations on Interchangeable Points, Equi-Poised, Gold Seal, Doric, Propel-Repel-Expel Pencils, Red Top Leads, Diagrams of Eversharp Mechanical Pencils and Personal Point Pens. Measures 8.5 x 5.5 inches, soft cover, staple bound, 14 pages, black on ivory.