Pendemonium 6mm Eraser refills, 6/pk

Pendemonium 6mm eraser refills, 6/pk. Many vintage pencils including Parker 51, Parker Vacumatic, Sheaffer Snorkels & other Sheaffer models plus a wide range of other older mechanical pencils use 6mm diameter erasers.  Slowly, but surely, most of the companies stopped offering this popular size eraser, until finally, within the last year, the last company still offering the erasers, Sheaffer,  dropped them from their line up, too.  So many of these pencils are still in circulation and in use, what to do if you make a mistake?  The only option was hand carving an eraser one at a time yourself. That is quite a chore, we've done that many times for odd sized erasers. Instead of hand carving erasers, we decided to talk with a friend who is a tool and die guru - extraordinaire and see if he could come up with some kind of machine where we could somewhat easily make 6mm diameter erasers.  Lo and behold, a few weeks later, an amazing machine arrived on our doorstep and we once again have 6mm erasers made from pink pearl eraser blocks - so you know they erase very nicely.  We were thrilled and to be honest, even if it isn't the most exciting thing in the world to do, it's pretty darned satisfying being able to turn out perfect 6mm diameter.