RS Prussia Inkwell Desk Set

W849  RS Prussia Inkwell Desk Set - This stunning RS Prussia Porcelain Inkwell Set was made in the Reinhold Schlegelmilch second factory in Tillowitz in the Upper Silesia Germany late 1800s. Wreath and Star Mark on the bottom of each piece notes RS Tillowitz and Silesia. The factory in Silesia opened in 1894 and this mark is less common than others. RS Prussian porcelain is known for the complex molds they utilized, beautiful patterns, hand applied decoration and the unusual glazes. This set is finished in a soft aqua blue with a hint of darker aqua speckles with hand painted gilded decoration in a luster finished glaze. It's a soft and subtle finish, not high gloss. The four piece set includes oval shaped desk tray, 3 piece inkwell, 4 desk pad corners and rocker blotter. The inkwell has a separate set in inkwell insert and set on lid. Rocker blotter paper is threaded to the rocker with ribbon. The center of the desk tray is finished in a light catching opalescent glaze. Measurements: Desk tray 12.5 x 9 in at widest points. Desk pad corners 4 x 4 5.25 inch triangle. Rocker blotter 2 5/8 x 4.75 x 1.75 inches tall. Inkwell is 4.25 in at base, 4.75 in at widest center and 3 in in height. Every piece except one desk pad corner is in just about perfect condition, this set was obviously well cared for. One desk pad corner has a repaired hairline crack on the bottom side and appears very stable. Excellent condition (1 avail)