Thomas' Ink Bottle, ca. 1905-1906, Chicago IL

I1885  Thomas' Ink Bottle, ca. 1905-1906, Chicago IL, Light aqua glass. 8 oz bottle. Measures 2.5 inches at base. Height is 6 inches. Bottle is embossed Thomas ’Thomas’ Inks above label also embossed L.H. Thomas Ink Co. Chicago USA below the label. Red, Black, Green and Metallic gold coloring on label with the Thomas’ black cat. Label reads: No. 9, For Records and Commercial Use. Writes a Bright Blue Which Changes to a Permanent Black. Thomas; Writing Fluid L.H. Thomas Co. to the far left facing the back side of bottle: List of various awards at famous expositions, mention of other products: Inky Eradicator and Snowflake Paste. The stopper is not present. Small irregular chip to bottom edge about half inch long. Rear right corner of label is missing about half inch wide. Showing some age fading to the label, mostly to the B&W parts listing facts, the front label has very good color. (1 avail)