Waterman Reflex Kid Fountain Pen, France, ca. late 1990s

WA279 Waterman Reflex Kid Fountain Pen, France, ca. late 1990s. Bright red cap and barrel, polished steel Waterman nib is a fine point. European distribution. Mint condition on original blister card with one cartridge. There are a few blue ink scribbles on the back side of the card. Large pen measure 5.75 inches with cap posted. While the card states there are 16 cartridges in the package, other than the one on the front of the card, no clue where they could have packaged 15 more cartridges! No signs of ink on the nib. Near mint condition. (1 avail)


Sheaffer Triumph Imperial II Deluxe Fountain Pen. ca. mid-1990s

SH4966 Sheaffer Triumph Imperial II Deluxe Fountain Pen. ca. mid-1990s, Dark grey barrel and section, polished steel mini Triumph nib is a firm fine point. Touchdown filling – fills only from a bottle. White dot at top of polished steel clip. Original Sheaffer label on side of cap. Measures 5.25 inches long. Excellent condition. (1 avail)


Sheaffer Ballpoint Pen, ca. 1990s?

SH4933  Sheaffer Ballpoint Pen, ca. 1990s?, burgundy barrel, smooth gold plated cap and open clip, white dot at top of clip, push button activated, click button to extend and retract Sheaffer BP refill, fresh refill included. Name engraved: Steven Rod was a double imprint done incorrectly by Sheaffer’s ad specialty division. Measures 5 inches long. Never used and in very good condition with the exception of the imprint. Classic look for daily writing.  (1 avail)