Sheaffer Commemorative Poster - Sheaffer Art Exhibit Poster, ca 2005

SHF-POSTER  Sheaffer Commemorative Poster - Sheaffer Art Exhibit Poster, ca 2005, During the month of November 2005, 13 original works of art by distinguished artists Andrew Loomis, Coles Phillips, Frederic Mizen, John Newton Howitt and Lester Bentley were exhibited at the Fort Madison Art Center. These paintings were commissioned by Sheaffer Pen from the 1920s - 1940s and had never before left the halls of Sheaffer headquarters in Fort Madison, Iowa.


Bradley and Hubbard Letter Holder and Pen Tray set. ca. 1920s, USA

S1074 Bradley and Hubbard Letter Holder and Pen Tray set. ca. 1920s, USA. Solid brass with art metal finish. Properly marked Bradley & Hubbard Mfg. Co. on each piece. Letter holder with space on the front for a business card. Measures 5 in across x 1 7/8 in wide x 5.25 inches in height. Pen Tray measures 7 3/8 inches long x 2.25 inches wide. A beautiful set made by the true artisans of Bradley and Hubbard. Very good condition. (pen in photo not included) (1 avail)


Carter’s medallion on a nice gold bracelet

Carter’s medallion on a nice gold bracelet. Detailed Carter’s logo with the crown at top of the word Carter's and a tiny pearl mounted below. The medallion measures 5/8 x 3/8 inches. Bracelet measures just shy of 8 inches. Medallion is engraved on back 10KB. We haven’t found a lot of definitive answers to what 10KB exactly refers to. In fact we found several answers, One is that it is bonded gold, perhaps similar to gold fill, the other most popular explanation was that is was gold plated. Bonded gold seems to have come from Mexico.


Sheaffer - Crownmark Lapel Pin

MM-SHF-406  Sheaffer - Crownmark Lapel Pin, bright gold plated (or brass?) finished pin measures 1 x .25 inches. Sheaffer always treated their employees well and one of the things they did was give each employee a Service Pin or medallion on five year anniversaries. Men received a lapel pin, women received a medallion for a necklace. (5 avail)


Sheaffer Engraving Dies, set of 6

SHFDIE-6  Sheaffer Engraving Dies, set of 6. These steel engraving dies were used to print the Sheaffer name on cap bands in the 1970s - 1980s. The actual dies vary a little in size, but are all about 1 x 1.25 inches. All came from the Sheaffer factory in Fort Madison, Iowa and are just one of the odd and unusual items we purchased at the Sheaffer equipment auction in February 2007. A nice little historical trinket from the days when Sheaffers were made in Fort Madison. This set includes six different dies. (1 set avail)