Wm. M Christy’s Sons Advertising Blotter

B1794 Wm. M Christy’s Sons Advertising Blotter, From Wikipedia:  Christy died January 9, 1866 with presumably his son William assuming operations of the business. By 1878, the firm was renamed William M. Christy's Sons and under the proprietorship of William and Joseph Christy who resided at 3909 Spruce Street (West Philadelphia). The firm was still active as of 1896 at 312 Chestnut Street.) This is a very nice, early advertising blotter for Flat Opening Blank Books sold by Wm. M. Christy’s Sons in Philadelphia. White blotting paper, measures 9.5 x 4.75 inches. Black print on white.


Sheaffer Fountain Pen Advertising Tear proofs, Set of 10

SHTPSET-2  Sheaffer Fountain Pen Advertising Tear proofs, Set of 10 Ten original advertising tear proof sheets from the Sheaffer archives in Fort Madison, Iowa. This set includes ten tear proofs from the 1940's and range in size from 8.5x11 to 11x17 inches. Unlike regular magazine advertisements, many of these have the name of the magazine and publish dates printed on them. Many are one sided instead of the usual two sided magazine ads. Colored ads are exceptionally brilliant. Great for framing and a neat little piece of history! Condition is very good. (3 sets avail) 


Carter’s medallion on a nice gold bracelet

Carter’s medallion on a nice gold bracelet. Detailed Carter’s logo with the crown at top of the word Carter's and a tiny pearl mounted below. The medallion measures 5/8 x 3/8 inches. Bracelet measures just shy of 8 inches. Medallion is engraved on back 10KB. We haven’t found a lot of definitive answers to what 10KB exactly refers to. In fact we found several answers, One is that it is bonded gold, perhaps similar to gold fill, the other most popular explanation was that is was gold plated. Bonded gold seems to have come from Mexico.