Jet Black Glass Rocker Blotter ca. 1940s

R187  Jet Black Glass Rocker Blotter ca. 1940s, faceted handle. Black glass rocker face has a flake on one long edge, it is smooth and measures about half inch, one other smaller flake on opposite face edge measures ¼ x ½ inch. Brass Rocker. Blotter face Measures 5.5 x 2 inches. Height is 3 inches. Nice Art Deco styling. Fresh blotting paper installed. (1 avail)



Blotting Paper, pack of 25 sheets

Blotting Paper, pack of 25 sheets - Handy to have around whether you are doing repairs or just writing a letter! High grade 110LB absorbent blotting in white, each sheet measures 4 x 9 inches. These cut to fit almost all rocker blotters or to fit in a check book. This is not the flimsy cardboard-like paper some people are passing off as blotting paper these days!