conway stewart

Conway Stewart No. 66 Fountain Pen, ca. 1964-1971, UK

MI1236 Conway Stewart No. 66 Fountain Pen, ca. 1964-1971, UK. Burgundy cap and barrel, white metal clip and narrow cap band, clip is marked: Conway. Polished steel nib is marked Conway Scribe Medium, Ground to cursive italic 1.2mm prox width. Aerometric filling – fills only from a bottle. Measures 5.25 inches long. Very good condition. (1 avail)


Conway Stewart Dinkie Casein Prototype Fountain Pen

MI1855  Conway Stewart Dinkie Casein Prototype Fountain Pen, Cracked Ice pattern: marbled black and white. This is a model only - one piece construction - the cap does not remove from the barrel, no Conway Stewart maker marks engraved on the barrel.  Made ca. 1997-1998 prior to the Conway Stewart line being reintroduced in the US in 1999.  Regular production model retailed for about $150. Remember, this is a prototype design and is not in working order. (1 avail)