Eversharp Pencil Lead, 1.1mm, HB

LD703 Eversharp Pencil Lead, 1.1mm, HB, Eversharp Square Leads in paper tube with black and orange and white paper wrapper. When was the last time you saw a tube of Eversharp lead that was not wrapped in black and red!?! Eversharp 4 " Leads, Will Not Twist, Slip or Turn It Fits Firmly in the clutch The Finest smoothest Writing Lead. The cap on one end of the tube turns but does not pull off, seven 4 inch leads inside. Measures 4 inches long. Very good condition.


Eversharp Pencil Lead, 1.1mm, HB

LD735  Eversharp Pencil Lead, 1.1mm, HB, Eversharp Red Top leads, Medium Black Standard which translates to HB 1.1mm diameter, wood tube with black and bright red paper wrapper and bright red painted metal ends.  Each lead is 1 3/8 inches long.  No mention of how many are in this tube on the wrapper, but I think it is safe to assume there are 12 leads inside.   Nice example.


Eclectic Advertisement, October 16, 1919

ECL45  Eclectic Advertisement, October 16, 1919, black and white from The Companion. Prominently features two Parker fountain pens, one Eversharp Pencil across the top of advertisement along with smaller ads for Boston Pencil Pointer, Writing Portfolio, Line a Day Diary amongst other items that were offered as premiums for subscribing to the magazine. Measures 10.75 x 16 inches.