factory prototype

Sheaffer Prototype or Shop Model Fountain Pen

SH4721  Sheaffer Prototype or Shop Model Fountain Pen. No markings at all. Long steel nib with feed measures 2 1/8 inches. Where a cartridge would normally fit into the point end, there is a small black plug, permanently fixed. Black cap with integral ribbed one inch band, there is no inner cap, small cap opening where black plug at top of nib unit fits into. Bright steel angular clip looks like the plan could have been to turn it into a very modern looking reminder clip, however the clip is fixed. Measures 5.5 inches long from point end to top of cap. Quite unusual! (1 avail) 


Sheaffer No-Nonsense Factory Prototype

SH4272  I should clarify that this is most likely NOT a tool to fix No Nonsense pen, but a tool made to fit into a NoNonsense pen to be used in the factory. Just as pens are great tools for writing, a pen barrel and cap make a perfect vehicle for a tool, easy to keep in a worker’s pocket and lots of space in the barrel for the tool. This black No Nonsense has a steel stylus on the nib end and when you unscrew the barrel, a round diamond shaped steel file is inside. The barrel has some light surface wear.