ink bottle

Montblanc vintage Ink Bottle

I1240 Montblanc vintage Ink Bottle, clear glass, necked spout for easy filling, black faceted screw on cap with Mont Blanc logo bordered by star outline. This is a very unusual bottle and cap, different from any we’ve ever seen before.  Measures about 2 inches across bottle and cap and pour spout are about 1.75 inches in height.  Very good condition. (1 avail)


Sheaffer Skrip, 2 oz bottle, ca. 1950s

I1900 Sheaffer Skrip, 2 oz bottle, ca. 1950s, washable blue, no ink inside, just ink dust. This bottle has the Skripwell on inner edge, makes filling your pen easy. Now that Sheaffer no longer makes Skrip ink with the Skripwell and for that matter isn’t making Skrip ink at all these days, these bottles become even more desirable. Refill with your favorite ink and refill your pens easily. Very good condition with some Skrip residue inside bottle. (1 avail)


JIF Waterman early Ink Bottle, France

I1219 JIF Waterman early Ink Bottle, France – label printed entirely in French. Gravity fed – when you tilt to pour, a steel ball controlled the ink flow. Lightly faded label is entirely in French. Bakelite faceted cap with Jif embossed on top, 5 inches in height, base diameter is 3 inches. Very unusual, the only one we have seen over the years. Overall very good condition. (1 avail)