ink bottle

Sanford's Xit Ink Eraser

Sanford's Xit Ink Eraser, small amber glass bottle with brown rubber lid inside a tin printed in yellow, red, white and black. The Sanford's Xit logo and markings are on three sides, one side has lengthy and detailed instructions along with warnings for using on paper or cloth. No matter which brand of ink eraser or eradicator, it always came with a lot of warnings! I am certain that the liquid inside the bottle has degraded and is no longer useful. Tin shows just some light wear to edges, it is in very good condition. (1 avail)


Carter’s No. 481 Indelible Cloth Marking Ink Outfit

Carter’s No. 481 Indelible Cloth Marking Ink Outfit - Complete boxed set includes wooden stretcher, red, white & blue labeled bottle of Indelible ink (ink dust inside), wood mini dip pen and Carter’s steel nib. Complete instruction pamphlet also included. Box measures 4.25 x 2 x 2.5 inches tall. Great graphics and a nice little kit from the late 1940s. (1 avail)


F Werer Co Waterproof Drawing Ink

F. Werer Co Waterproof Drawing Ink, clear 1 oz dropper bottle with black and white elaborate label. Embossed on bottom: F Werer Co Phila and in the center a quite detailed embossing of a Sphinx. Very dried up ink inside bottle. Cork style lid with dropper is loose. Some specks of ink on the label, but overall not too bad and quite unusual. (1 avail)


Waterman’s Tip Fill Bottle

Waterman’s Tip Fill Bottle is almost full of permanent Black Ink, 3 ounce bottle, original label has a small tear lower left corner. Original box shows a few small ink stains and some shelf wear. Ink appears to be fine and still has a hint of that most unusual, but familiar scent of phenol. (1 avail)


Carter’s Waterproof Drawing Ink No. 358

Carter’s Waterproof Drawing Ink No. 358, clear glass dropper style bottle. Bright marigold yellow/orange label with black print: Carter’s Drawing Ink, Waterproof Violet No 358 Made in USA. Bottle measures 1.75 in diameter, height is 3 in. Original box is included – illustration front and back of drafting tools, side panels read: For Artists, Architects & Draftsmen. Carter’s bottles were always little works of art. Violet ink dust in bottle, cork stopper is very tight in neck of bottle. (1 avail)


Sanford’s Amber Glass Round Bottle with pour spout No. 245. ca, 1940s

Sanford’s Amber Glass Round Bottle with pour spout No. 245. ca, 1940s, About 2/3 full of Cardinal Red Fountain Pen Ink. Sanford terms this One-Fifth Size – new and easy to handle. Pale yellow label with bright red print. Box has some cardinal red ink stains on inside of flaps and a blue-black ink stain on lower edge of box. (1 avail) 


Carter’s Ink Stoneware Master bottle in cream with pour spout

Carter’s Ink Stoneware Master bottle in cream with pour spout. Carter’s Ink is marked on lower edge. Back lower edge is embossed with an oval: Stiff & Sons London England. Measures 3.25 diameter at base, height is 9.25 inches long. The base is smooth, but not totally flat, so it rocks a tiny bit when first set down. Small flake to end of pour spout, otherwise in excellent condition. (1 avail)