ink bottle

Waterman’s Ink Bottle Holder, USA

Waterman’s Ink Bottle Holder, USA, Bright polished steel. Screw on cap is embossed in center with IDEAL lettering in globe, surrounded by embossed lettering Waterman’ Ink and two stars. Cork liner on inside of cap. There are several shallow dings on lower edge and bottom of holder. NO bottle inside. Measures 1.5 inches diameter, height is 3 3/8 inches. Overall very good condition. (1 avail)


Onoto Ink Bottle Holder, ca. 1940s, England - Mottled olive green

Onoto Ink Bottle Holder, ca. 1940s, England - Mottled olive green and one brown bakelite. Screw On lid. Measures 2 in diameter at base, center section is 2.25 in diameter and height is 2.5 inches. Unfortunately, there is NO Onoto ink bottle with this container. Ink Bottle holders were popular for several decades and made by many of the major ink companies, primarily designed to make your ink bottle look just a little more elegant on your desk. Hard to find in nice shape today. Very good condition. (1 avail)


Carter’s Rytoff Bottle

Carter’s Rytoff Bottle - Rytoff was one of many names Carter's used over the years for their vast line of Ink Erasers and Ink Removers. This small concave sided amber glass bottle would have once been part of a kit inside a Carter's tin. Black faceted bakelite lid. There is liquid inside the bottle, but this stuff was taken off the market many decades ago, I don't think I'd try it. Bottle measures about 1.75 in side at base and is 2.75 inches tall. Very good condition with a great label. (1 avail)


Waterman’s Ink Bottle, ca. 1940s, British Made, Tropic Green

Waterman’s Ink Bottle, ca. 1940s, British Made, Tropic Green, Clear glass tip fill bottle, green metal screw on lid, bright yellow, green and white label with illustration of a tropical island, another blue and white label on back side states it has been treated with HEXA Fluid which Banishes ink clog, Gives brilliant colour tone, protects against nib corrosion, lengthens life of pen, provides perfect cushioning fluid and Ensures Instant Flow. Corrosion to top of cap on lower third of metal cap, Tropical Green ink dust inside bottle. (1 avail) 


Carter’s Quickset Indelible Cloth Marking Outfit No. 481

Carter’s Quickset Indelible Cloth Marking Outfit No. 481, great graphics on the original red, white and blue box. Inside is a small bottle with black bakelite cap, no liquid ink inside, just ink dust. While the outer cover shows this bottle with a red, white and blue label, there is no label on the actual bottle, nor are there any signs of there ever being one there! Small wood disk which you would secure your fabric around with an outer wood ring, the ring is missing. B&W Directions for Using the Carter’s Quickset Indelible cloth marking outfit.


Sanford’s Desk Stand Ink Bottle No. 279, ca. 1940s

Sanford’s Desk Stand Ink Bottle No. 279, ca. 1940s, Curved eight panel bottle with raised feet at base. Black bakelite screw on lid. Light blue label wraps around three panels and is marked: No. 279 4 oz., Sanford’s Fountain Pen Ink, Permanent Royal Blue, Flows Freely, Will not clog pen. Bottle is clear, no ink stains inside the bottle or on label. Measures 3 1/8 in in height, base diameter is 2.5 inches. Excellent condition. (1 avail)


Carter's Two Solution Ink Eraser No. 942

Carter's Two Solution Ink Eraser No. 942 USA, Perfect dark blue metallic gold and white printed metal container for Carter's Two Solution Ink Eraser, Clear and amber bottles with black bakelite lids rest in a divided white metal holder inside the tin. Tin measures  2 in diameter, height of tin is 3 inches. Original instructions and informational pamphlet is folded and inside the tin. Near mint condition. Please Note: We are certain that whatever ink eraser chemicals were used in this vintage product have long ago degraded, we advise against trying to use! Great price for Carter Collectors!