Set of 4 vintage barrel styled Dip Pen Nibs

DIP1246 Set of 4 vintage barrel styled Dip Pen Nibs. 1) Perry Double Patent, London, blue steel, firm, extra fine point 2( Perry London – Double Patent, black steel, extra fine and extra flexible 3)Royal Swan Quill, Grey steel Marked: signature AE Lambdin Inventor Liverpool, embossed swan below vent hole, extra fine extra flex point. 4) Tanner’s first Class Fine Ladies Matte grey steel barrel, very flexible. Each nib is quite unusual and in excellent condition. (1 set avail)


Set of two antique wood dip pens with a nib assortment

DIP1240  Set of two antique wood dip pens with an assortment of ten different vintage dip pen nibs. Set comes with one Red and one Black dip pen holder. Nibs are all new old stock, never used. Please note that the nibs included may vary. Each dip pen holder measures 6.5 inches, about 7.5 inches including nib and is in near mint condition. Great for quick notes, just rinse the nib and try a different color ink for making ink color swashes or you could write us a letter, we love getting mail! (4 avail)


Dip Pen Ferrule, Gold electroplated finish

PARTS019  Dip Pen Ferrule - Use these to replace worn ferrules on your dip pens or add a handle and make your own dip pen! These are new stock, recently reproduced from original specs. Gold electroplated finish. Measures 1.5 long and is .25 inch diameter. Will hold most styles of steel dip pen nibs. This model slides over a dip pen handle end. Sold by the each. (8 avail)