Unknown Fountain Pen

MI1233 Unknown Fountain Pen, marked China on side of clip in tiny letters. Matte steel cap and barrel with gold electroplated clip, cap and trim. Gold Electroplated two tone nib is marked Iridium Point with an engraved flower. Firm fine point. Cartridge fill. Very good condition. (1 avail)


Unknown Wood Fountain Pen

MI2104 Unknown Wood Fountain Pen, recent production, very nice grain on the cap and barrel. Large two tone gold plated steel nib is marked Iridium Point Germany. Two tone fine-medium point. Cartridge – converter fill, piston style converter included. Measures 5.5 inches long, cap diameter is one half inch – nice girth. Excellent condition, no signs of use. (1 avail)


Aluminum cylindrical tube with screw on cap, includes 5 pcs of 2.0mm lead

LD600  Aluminum cylindrical tube with screw on cap, includes 5 pcs of 2.0mm lead. Confession: Not really a lead holder, but it did come to me with lead inside and definitely has some history! The tube is embossed: Physician's Sample Lapactic Pills Sharp & Dohme Baltimore MD. Definitely NOT a child proof container and the leads are pre-sharpened, so remove leads with caution!  (1 avail)