Parker Advertisement, November 1935

Parker Advertisement, November 1935,  Woman's Home Companion, 5x14, B&W, "This Smart Plaskon Utility Case for Cigarettes, Jewelry or Boudoir Trifles, and outright gift-no charge whatever with the purchase of a Parker Laminated Vacumatic Pen and Pencil set", illustration of Parker Vacumatic Fountain pen, and Vacumatic pen and pencil set.


Vacumatic Block

Vacumatic Block - For removing the threaded filler unit in Parker 51 and Vacumatic fountain pens. Includes wrench for tightening the block. Measures 2.5 inches long x .5 inch wide x .75 inch high. Precision threaded to match original Parker threads on Vacs and 51



Parker Vacumatic Repair Kit

Parker Vacumatic Repair Kit. This kit includes 3 latex standard diaphragms and detailed instructions on restoration excerpted from Frank Dubiel's book, Complete Guide to Fountain Pen Repair and Restoration, published by Pendemonium. The kit includes everything you need to restore three Vacumatic fountain pens pens.