Sanford’s No. 447 Indelible Stamping Ink for Pens, Stamp or Stencil

I2003 Sanford’s No. 447 Indelible Stamping Ink for Pens, Stamp or Stencil. Clear Glass with colorful label in bright marigold, black, red and white. There are two very small ink stains on the label. No cork or stopper. This tiny bottle measures 1 inch diameter and is 2 inches in height. No cork or stopper in the opening. (1 avail)


Parker Quink 4oz Bottle

I1882  Parker Quink 4oz Bottle in clear ribbed glass with black silver colored metal screw on lid. Lid is marked Parker Quink. Front bottle label in green and white for Parker Permanent Green Quink. Label has small tear on bottom right corner and has aged over the years to an off-white color. No ink in bottle. Bottom is embossed Parker Made in USA 4 oz. (1 avail)


Hunt Nib Assortment, 10 nibs

An assortment of ten different Hunt vintage pen nibs manufactured in the US. The C. Howard Hunt Pen company was formed in 1899 in Camden, New Jersey. Hunt invented the smooth gliding round pointed pen, which took about 15 different steps to make. The factory was moved to Statesville, NC in 1958. One of the more famous nibs made by Hunt was The Speedball Pen, which could do thick and thin lines. Today, Hunt is still in business under the name Hunt Manufacturing Company, and sells many different office supply products. Assortment of nibs included may vary. 


Holley Nib Assortment, 7 nibs

Holley Nib Assortment, 7 nibs. Nice set of 7 different vintage dip pen nibs from L.W. Holley in Des Moines. Lots of variety for those of you who enjoy writing with a dip pen. Great little souvenir for Iowans, too. All nibs are imprinted L.W. Holley, Des Moines Iowa and the name of the nib below. Each is new old stock and in perfect condition, never used. Assortment of nibs included may vary.


Esterbrook nib assortment, 10 nibs

Assortment of ten different Esterbrook vintage steel pen nibs. Esterbrook Pens was created in 1856 by Robert Esterbrook and was the first company in the United States to make steel pen nibs. The company was originally called the United States Steel Pen Manufacturing Company, and the name was later changed to The Esterbrook Steel Pen Manufacturing Company. The company's success was largely due to the quality of the steel nibs. The nibs were versatile, long lasting, and were available in many different styles. The company was later launched in England as well.