Carter’s medallion on a nice gold bracelet

Carter’s medallion on a nice gold bracelet. Detailed Carter’s logo with the crown at top of the word Carter's and a tiny pearl mounted below. The medallion measures 5/8 x 3/8 inches. Bracelet measures just shy of 8 inches. Medallion is engraved on back 10KB. We haven’t found a lot of definitive answers to what 10KB exactly refers to. In fact we found several answers, One is that it is bonded gold, perhaps similar to gold fill, the other most popular explanation was that is was gold plated. Bonded gold seems to have come from Mexico. All I can tell you is that is is NOT solid gold and probably just gold plated. There are no markings on the bracelet itself, just the medallion. Probably ca 1950s-1960s, based on the fact that it is marked Balfour on the plastic block it came in and Balfour made most if not all of the Sheaffer anniversary pins. (1 avail)