Group of 6 different Dip Pen Nibs Items

1) A Summerville & Co UK Box wrapper in bright Red, black, white and Metallic Gold 2) Spencerian No. 42 steel and gold plated nib on sample card – Please Try This Pen 3) Tuxedo Aluminum Pens Distributed by Wm. G Hintz Sample Envelope, illustration of Tuxedo No. 3 Pen, 1 nib inside envelope 4) Soennecken illustrated Brochure, printed in German, fully illustrated – dip pen holders, many different dip pen nibs, red & black cover, black & white pages. 4 x 6 inches 50 and 5) two different Spencerian box printed tissue paper inserts, one in blue on yellow and 1 in black and white, each about 5.5 x 8 inches. (1 set avail)