Noritake Nippon Stamp and Desktop Box Set

W850  Noritake Nippon Stamp and Desktop Box Set - Very simple, very elegant. Nothing foo-foo about it! This two piece set includes stamp box and a small desk box to hold little desk things like clips, nibs and even short international ink cartridges would fit. Stamp box is a two slotter. Beautiful iridescent lustreware glaze on inside of the desk box and the stamp slots. Soft green glaze on the outside. Gilded edges. Stamp box measures 2 5/8 x 1.75 x 7/8 hgt. Desk box measures 2 3/8 in sq and is 2 inch tall to tip of the knob on lid. Marked on bottom of each piece: Noritake Nippon in blue. Thanks to the Noritake Collectors Guild, I was able to find that this particular mark was only used in 1911. Also that this was the first year Noritake exported "blanks" to the USA to be glazed and painted here in Arts & Crafts era Studios. There's no way of knowing if these two pieces were completed in Japan and exported to the USA or if they were started in Japan and finished in the USA. Whatever the case may be, the design and finished glazing are very beautiful. Both pieces in very good condition. Speck of gilding has worn off the desk box lid, no chips, cracks or any other kind of damage. (1 avail)