Zaner Bloser Mechanical Pencil, Desk style, Red

MI1743  Zaner Bloser Mechanical Pencil, Desk style, no clip, wood, bright red with white metal center section, Twist to extend 1.1mm dia lead, manual repel. Measures 6.25 inches long. There is a hole at the barrel end which may have once held an eraser, but at only 1/8 inch diameter it would have been a very small eraser! Marked at top of barrel: ZABCO COLS, O. PAT APPLD FOR. This is the only ZB pencil we have ever seen in this style, I suspect it was one of the earliest models, probably ca. late 1920s.  It was too early for pencils to have a grippy center section, I suspect they used the center metal piece to hold in the upper and lower sections of the red pencil. A little of the red painted finish is missing at the top, otherwise very good condition. (1 avail)