Waterman Advertisement, May 28, 1932

WAT335  Waterman Advertisement, May 28, 1932, Collier's, 14x22-double page ad, B&W, "Waterman's made this microscope test for you", illustration of man looking through a microscope at various fountain pens in the same class, illustrations of nibs magnified through the scope, demonstrating that Waterman's point is perfect, also shown No. 92, No. 94, Lady Patricia, and Patrician Fountain Pens.


Waterman's Autograph Album and Advertisement

Waterman's Autograph Album and Advertisement, 1932 - Back in 1932, Waterman was most likely looking for ways to stir up some additional business and offered up a contest to fill a special hardcover bound book with autographs of famous people. There would be 333 awards; 133 cash prizes, 100 Waterman Fountain Pens (Lady Patricia for girls and No. 94 for boys) and 100 Waterman Mechanical Pencils. Pretty heady stuff in 1932! Florence White in Canaan, Maine acquired one of the the Autograph Albums.