Autopoint Leads,.5mm, HB

LD721  Autopoint Leads, .5mm, HB, white cardboard container with bright metallic silver trim on the ends.  The tube and the wording printed on the tube make us think this is an old container, but it contains 0.5mm diameter lead which is a much newer!   The cap to the tube is marked:  U-T-L Ultra Fine Lead Black No. 2250 HB Medium 50 cents.  Lead is 1 3/8 inches long.  12 leads in container. (1 avail)


Autopoint Mechanical Pencil, ca.1960s

MI1585  Autopoint Mechanical Pencil, ca. 1960s, large diameter black faceted barrel, white at top of barrel below eraser, bright chrome trim. Twist to extend 1.1mm diameter lead, manual repel. Barrel is imprinted in white: PEMCO CORPORATION BALTIMORE 24, MD, the white at top is imprinted with blue and red PEMCO logo. Measures 5.75 inches long. Eraser is dry. Very good condition. (1 avail)