Sheaffer Slim Ballpoint and Mechanical Pencil Set in original box, ca. 1960s

SH4607 Sheaffer Slim Ballpoint and Mechanical Set in original box, ca. 1960s, USA, dark green barrels, bright polished steel caps, Ballpoint is slim style and measures 5.25 inches long, Mechanical Pencil is also slim style and measures 5 3/8 inches long. Fresh refill included with BP pen, Pencil uses 0.9mm diameter leads. New in box. (1 avail)


Parker Jotter Desk Style Ballpoint Pen, Black barrel with bright turquoise taper.

PK2373  Parker Jotter Desk Style Ballpoint Pen, USA, bright Parker Jotter desk pen fits all Jotter desk sets of course but also fits a number of other basic styled vintage desk sets. Since Parker BP refills don't dry out quickly at all when left exposed, these are great pens to just keep on your desk or near your phone. Measures 6.25 inches long. Black barrel with bright turquoise taper. New old stock in mint condition. (9 available)


Barlow Ballpoint Pen

MI1986  Barlow Ballpoint Pen Classic styling in black matte finish with gold electroplated trim, twist to extend and retract refill. Uses Cross BP refills. Measures 5.5 inches long. A very elegant pen at a price point for everyone’s budget. New condition, not boxed. (2 avail)


Baseball Bat Ballpoint Pen

MI1742  Baseball Bat Ballpoint Pen, Solid wood bat with bright green imprint for Burlington Northern Industrial Products.  The refill was dry, but Frank slid in a Bic Ballpoint Pen refill and it works just fine.   Measures 8 inches long.  Excellent condition – no signs of wear. (1 avail)


Pelikan R640 Niagara Falls Special Edition Rollerball/Ballpoint pen

PEL506  Pelikan R640 Niagara Falls Special Edition Rollerball pen, ca. 2007. Pelikan Rollerball pen reconfigured to also accept Parker Ballpoint refills. Gently used in original blue box with original Niagara Falls brochure. Includes both Pelikan Rollerball and Parker Ballpoint refills. Also includes original outer box. Very good condition. (1 avail)