Esterbrook Blue and Kraft Envelope, with six Esterbrook Pens

Esterbrook Blue and Kraft Envelope, Esterbrook Pens for Every Purpose, sold by Henry Wedelstadt Co. in St Paul, Minnesota, Six new old stock antique Esterbrook dip pen nibs included: 1) R Esterbrook 1000 fine point 2) R Esterbrook 788 School 3) R Esterbrook 556 School 4) Esterbrook 920 Radio Fine 5) R Esterbrook 130 Easy Writer medium flex 6) R Esterbrook 322 Inflexible extra fine. (1 avail)


Esterbrook Advert & Three Dip Pen Nibs, February 1956

Esterbrook Advert & Three Dip Pen Nibs, February 1956 – Original Esterbrook Advertisement for Drawing and Lettering Dip Pen Nibs, “Esterbrook Drawing and Lettering Pens Will Do The Job Better Faster Easier”, measures 3.25 x 11.5 inches. B&W. Included are three original Esterbrook Nos. 3,4 and 15 drawing & lettering nibs in mint condition. (1 avail)


Leonadt’s Kugelspitz Federn Insert

Leonadt’s Kugelspitz Federn Insert in orange with black print. German, Six different Leonardt dip pen nibs described and illustrated. Most interesting about this nice little piece of ephemera is that Leonardt, a well known brand was mis-spelled at the top of the piece! Salmon colored paper with black print. Measures 4.75 x 8.25 inches. Several small tears on fold lines, otherwise very good. (1 avail)